Two Parallel Marches, Two Universes?

Alternative Way 2 Defund Planned Parenthood?

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March 4 life!

March 4 Women!

Two Parallel Marches, Two Universes?
Our Situation

Americans now have a President who evokes strong emotions in people. Saturday, January 21, millions of people in the U.S. held marches from state to state. People around the world joined them in protests. Our current President, Donald Trump, has said and done many controversial things. Women, Muslims, Latinos, Blacks, and others have been gravely concerned at his Presidency. America divided in the days of former President Obama? We’ve become as divided as ever. Some have said, “We now live in two Americas” or “We live in parallel universes.” When I woke up on Wednesday of November 9, it became clear that we live in a different country. A bitterly divided country.

Two Americas? Divided States of America?

Two Parallel Marches, Two Universes?
The Resistance March

Citizens took to the streets on January 21. As I observed them on my TV screen, I saw a sea of humanity. Showing us hours of footage, news anchors covered these marches. Though it was called The Woman’s March, men showed up at these events. Whole families participated. Participants didn’t focus on any single issue. Muslims and Latinos took part, protesting harsh immigration policies. Blacks took part, worried that their rights wouldn’t be protected under Trump. Most were people deeply concerned about the often controversial policies of Donald Trump. Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders addressed the crowds. So did some celebrities.

Two Parallel Marches, Two Universes?
Divided Nation

The singer, Madonna revealed the depth of the anger and divisions in the U.S.. I heard her address the crowd from my TV screen. Then she finished her speech with, “Got a problem with it? (Bleep) you!” According to reports, she’d declared, “Many times, I have wanted to blow up this White House. But then I realized that this would not help anything.” As the day went on, our national divide became more real to me. Much of the day, I saw much anger and political rants on the Internet. “Spoiled brats!” “Sore losers!” “Liberal Democrats!” “Thugs! You’re the ones who are ruining our country! Not Trump!” “Get over it! Your side lost! Donald Trump won!” “Why all the media coverage over this? Why won’t they cover our March too?”

Two Parallel Marches, Two Universes?
March 4 Life

Pro-lifers engaged in their March 4 Life. They participated on Friday, Jan. 27. Six days later. Unhappy over the lack of coverage of the 2016 event, pro-lifers attracted media coverage near the end of Sat., Jan. 21. “We weren’t welcome at the Women’s March,” a couple of spokespeople stated. “Support for abortion is a part of the March. If you’re pro-life you need not take par.” A Facebook user said that the ratio of pro-choice/pro-life participants at the Resistance March, was 80:1. I was saddened to learn this. I’ve learned that pro-life women have had bad experiences at the Women’s March. Marchers destroyed their signs. And who would do this? Men!

Abortion splits us women along partisan lines. Conservatives and liberals. Republicans and Democrats. This is the same reason that pro-life Democrats’ voices get snuffed out in that Party. This is the reason that conservatives wouldn’t give Merrick Garland a chance. Merrick Garland was former President Obama’s Supreme Court pick. He was denied even a Senate hearing. Yet, sadly, I see divisions in both movements. In the pro-abortion movement. And yes, in the pro-life movement. My observation, experience, and research tell me this. Proof? Recently, a pro-life admin banned me from a pro-life social media group. Over a political disagreement.

Two Parallel Marches, Two Universes?
One Issue, Multi-Issue?

Pro-life advocates often identify as one-issue people. These people feel that the right to live should considerably trump (no pun intended) all other issues. A spokesperson, speaking to the press, stated, “This is a one-issue event. We’re strongly pro-woman, but we want to raise our voices for those who have no voice of their own.” Many pro-life people had deplored the Resistance event, declaring, ” They claim that it was about multiple issues. But this was a pro-abortion March!” To be frank, I felt mixed emotions about both events. I wanted to support the resistance, but if abortion support was a litmus test, I could not endorse it. Though I deplore the single-issue focus of the pro-life march, I could support it. Yet I feel that they don’t speak for multiple issues that are life issues for many of us.

Two Parallel Marches, Two Universes?
Two Ideologies>

Pro-life vs. Pro-abortion? Where did the word pro-life come from? And why do so many in our culture associate the word to “anti-abortion”? When I encounter pro-choice loved ones who support abortion as a right, it’s like we’re live in two different words. Even though we agree on everything else. Or almost. Why is abortion so divisive? I think that is because we’re debating about whether a people group has the right to live or not. And if we don’t agree, it’s almost like a personal attack. A CNN spokesperson for the President stated, “The spirit of the Resistance March was negative and even angry, as we saw with Madonna. But the spirit at the March 4 Life was upbeat and positive.”

I wasn’t able to go to either event. Finances and family dynamics make travel impossible for me. So I can’t talk from experience. News commentators had said that the spirit at the Resistance March wasn’t negative, but was peaceful and gracious. For the most part. Yet it takes just a few “bad apples” to spoil the whole bunch.

Two Parallel Marches, Two Universes?
Everyday Advocacy

Organized rallies and events motivate us. This is true on both sides. I could not argue with the post that stated: “Why do people have to march when that doesn’t change anything? Why not take that energy to the ballot box, where they can make a difference?” “Why the yearly marches when year after year, abortion continues to kill thousands of babies?” I think a lot of it is because it gives people ways to get away from the daily grind of living. And we want to belong to something bigger than ourselves. Organized events provide a change of pace. Often you can connect with people you can’t see any other time.

Should we rely on organized events to be pro-life? We can’t do that! Everyday efforts are the backbone of a free society. Whether we’re fighting to protect the unborn. Or calling for racial justice. Here’s a simple way to insist on being heard. It’s called a petition campaign. Adding our names to it. Let Congress know that our high abortion rate shows that our system is failing women.

No matter where you stand on abortion, I believe that you believe in options for this facing crisis pregnancies. I urge you to sign or share a petition to get Congress to legalize a new option for those facing unplanned pregnancies. View it here.

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Two Parallel Marches, Two Universes?

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