Abortion Focus?

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Abortion focus? With all the evils of our days, why do I focus on this one evil?
Abortion focus? With all the evils of our day, our lives are recognized and protected.

Abortion Focus?
Social Evils Do Prevail Today

Abortion Focus? Why focus on this one evil? Many don’t even see it as an evil! Yes, I’m fully aware of all our murders. Investigation Discovery is a true crime channel. They devote all their airtime to murders. They feature missing persons and violent crime. Mass murders seem to have become our new normal. So have terrorist attacks. Child abuse kills about four children a day. About 14 veterans die at their own hand daily. This isn’t to mention the millions of children who die of starvation and disease worldwide. We are to be prolife about the lives of all these people. All life has become cheaper! It happened over the decades. In the past, we didn’t hear of mass shootings. We didn’t hear of terrorist attacks like this! Maybe it’s because of social media. Maybe it’s because of wall to wall media coverage. Are all of us are at risk now? Many believe so. As my daughter has said, “Now we can’t go anywhere without worrying about being shot.” Abortion focus? Life has become cheap. I’m sure we can guess why.

Abortion Focus?
Whose Life Isn’t Recognized?

Crime and murder have always been with us. Yet in the past we respected life more. But something phenomenal happened. The United States legalized abortion in 1973. We’ve seen the fallout for the rest of us. During the pre-born stage of our development the laws no longer protect us. That was when our politicians decided to deny their humanity. Is it any wonder that we have experienced the fallout that we have? All our lives have become cheapened. That’s because we now deny a group of people the right to live. Years ago I focused on crime victims and missing persons. People with autism and related disabilities also were central. Yes, all these lives are as sacred as the lives of the unborn. That’s what this site is all about. But the law protects their lives. The laws may fail them. Such laws may diminish their quality of life. And they’re more vulnerable. But the pre-born? The law doesn’t protect them at all. Not on a nationwide level! When one group of people aren’t seen as human, guess what? We all find ourselves at risk. I still care a lot about these other people and their causes. As a follower of Jesus, I feel that I need to do my part to help protect babies and end abortion. Abortion focus? That’s why I spotlight it on this site.

Abortion Focus?
We Can Love Them All

Abortion focus? Yes there are stereotyes of those active in trying to end abortion. Judgmental. Imposing our morality on others. Wanting to take us back to “the dark ages. Anti-women. Pro-baby. The culture has mislead people about what abortion it. It has misled them about the prolife movement. The media don’t like to talk about abortion. When they do, they preset it as “abortion rights.” Never do you hear about the unborn. The media have also given Planned Parenthood far more coverage than any pregnancy resource centers. We can’t depend on the media to advertise about abortion alternatives. In our local churches, most pastors are silent about abortion. All of this contributes to the misinformation about abortion and abortion alternatives. Even now, my mom says things like, “Prolife is men telling women what to do,” “Planned Parenthood does many wonderful things for women,’ and “Abortion will prevent things like child abuse and suffering.”

My other site is exclusively focused on ending abortion. If interested CLICK HERE to pay a visit and sign up for updates.

-Lisa DeSherlia-

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