Becoming Prolife

Mom, Dad and Unborn Child.

Becoming pro-life. Yes, how did I become pro-life? Yes, all of us have stories to tell.

Becoming Pro-life
As An Unborn Child: Me

How did I become pro-life? Let me go back to the beginning. Back in 1959, a 16-year-old girl learned that she was pregnant. She was confused, afraid, scared. She felt just like any girl in an unplanned pregnancy. Should she tell her boyfriend? She did. Angry that the plan was derailed, he apparently wanted to take matters into his hands. He kicked Mom in her abdomen. Yet, thank God, I was spared.

Mom reports no positive memories of her pregnancy. She still remembers her labor and delivery. They were a nightmare, she says. There were no pregnancy resource centers in those days. Mom had no options. Abortion was illegal. Mom believed the “coathanger” theory. She knew that women died from illegal abortions. But my life was protected by law. What if abortion had been legal before 1973? I’m convinced that many of us wouldn’t be here today! That includes me. Mom strongly supports “abortion rights.”

Becoming Pro-life
As An Unborn Child: My Daughter

How did I become pro-life? Fast forward to 1999. That was when I became pregnant with Hannah (age 16 as of this writing). Abortion was definitely legal then. I became pregnant at age 39. Thus my pregnancy was treated as a “high-risk pregnancy.” It was also considered high-risk because of my diagnosed Marfan’s Syndrome. This is a genetic condition. It affects the connective joints. It affects the retina of the eyes. It affects the heart’s aorta.

My pregnancy was also treated as high-risk because of my epilepsy diagnosis. This was even though the condition was controlled by medication (with side effects). One of my doctors told me early on: If this pregnancy worsens your heath too much, you can get a therapeutic abortion.” Later, a geneticist offered me amniocentesis. This was to screen my unborn child for genetic conditions. He told me: “If the test is positive, you can get an abortion. It’s legal.” We refused the procedure. We saw no point in it.

Becoming Pro-life
Abortion and My Family

How did I become pro-life? I wasn’t raised as such. I didn’t grow up respecting life as starting at conception. Abortion didn’t become legal until I reached age 13. That was in 1973. I remember the day we learned about Roe vs. Wade. I was reading an article about a pregnant girl. Not wanting the baby, she performed her own abortion. She used a coat hanger to do it. I don’t remember the outcome. But I remember sympathizing with her. What a difficult situation she was in! I gave no thought to the unborn child inside her.

It wasn’t until I reached my 30’s that I became pro-life. That was when I turned my life to God. My mom has always been pro-choice. She clings to this stance today. “It’s no one’s business,” she declares. “Every woman should be able to have abortion access. Men don’t have the right to tell women what to do. Planned Parenthood is a wonderful organization. Abortion is a necessary evil. But they should be done in the first weeks.” Mom isn’t happy with my involvement in defending the unborn. I know that only God can change her heart.

How did I become pro-life? I hope this answers the question.

-Lisa DeSherlia-

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Becoming Pro-Life

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