Chose Abortion?

To Post-Abortive Christians

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Chose abortion?
Are you a woman who has had an abortion? Even multiple abortions?
Are you a boyfriend or husband who drove her to the abortion clinic?
Are you a parent who coerced your child into an unwanted abortion?
Are you a family member who paid for a loved one’s abortion?
Are you an abortion worker? Even do abortions yourself?
Are you a doctor or counselor who talked a patient into an abortion?

Chose Abortion? The Reality

Chose abortion? You made a choice. You may not regret your abortion. You may feel justified in having your abortion. You may indeed regret your abortion. You feel grief, guilt, and shame. This isn’t something you want to even think about. You do your best to put it out of your mind. Yet as with all memories we suppress or repress, it’ll eventually surface. You’ll have to deal with it. You suppress the voices that accuse: “You killed your baby!”
I haven’t participated in abortion, but I’ve done other things I’m not proud of. Things that I don’t want to even think about. Things that I certainly don’t talk about. So I can identify with your feelings. I just can’t identify with the cause of them. We just sin differently. For you, it’s abortion. It’s all the surrounding issues you may be dealing with. Issues that drove you to choose abortion.This is the reality.

Chose Abortion? What Culture Says

Chose abortion? Your culture will say you just exercised your right to choose. Your right to reproductive freedom. Your right to bodily autonomy. Your abortion right. You became unpregnant. You freed yourself from an inconvenience! If you don’t regret your abortion choice, you’ll fit in nicely with the cultural narrative. If you regret your abortion? If you didn’t even want your abortion? If you didn’t even realize what you did?You don’t fit that cultural narrative. You’re not allowed to grieve your loss. Culture just tells you that you lost nothing. How can you lose something that isn’t alive? How can you lose a clump of cells? That’s why we don’t hear of postabortion counseling at Planned Parenthood clinics. Culture has failed us in this way. We choose abortion. Then we’re not allowed to deal with the fallout! It doesn’t matter stage of grief you’re in. You need postabortion counseling. Culture won’t help you with this one!

Chose Abortion? What Now?

Chose abortion? What now? You have to live with this the rest of your life. You have to look in the mirror. You’ll know that you killed a baby. You may be one of those who has enabled the killing. You may even have done the killing yourself. Culture tells you it’s a choice. A right. Not so! You know better. An unborn child isn’t a choice. Abortion isn’t a right. It’s a wrong. It doesn’t serve women. It harms women! Emotionally. Spiritually. Maybe physically. Abortion serves no one in the long run. We can’t undo our sins. We can’t undo the past. Below, I’ll share with you resources. Resources where you can work through your choice. You can find redemption. We don’t have to be defined by our pasts! God forgives abortion like any other sin. He does this when we repent of sin and believe Him for forgiveness.

Project Rachel This is a website devoted to postabortive women. Here you an share your story, find information as well as support. You’ll know you aren’t alone.

Elliot Institute This website is full of information about abortion. You can also post on their online threads or find help and support.

Find A Pregnancy Center You can contact your local pregnancy resource center and find help and counseling to work through your abortion and surrounding issues.

You can call 1-866-469-7326 toll-free.

Help for Abortion Workers This is a one-of-a-kind outreach to those abortion workers who want to leave the abortion industry. Many services are offered. Pro-bono legal services are offered. They provide enough to live on for a month. They help former abortion workers re-train for and find other jobs. They provide spiritual and emotional support. Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood Director, founded this unique ministry.

Memorial for the Unborn This is a nonprofit that provides resources to allow those who are post-abortive to grieve the children they lost to abortion. Names are given to these children and they are humanized and allowed their dignity.

Chose Abortion?

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