Angeline’s Story

Angeline's Story


Nine Years ago, I had an abortion. It was a difficult decision, and at the time, I believed the lies that our society has been told. I truly felt like I had no choice. Not a day goes by that I don’t regret it. But it wasn’t always that way. I was always “pro-choice”. I believed it should always be an option, even though I would never choose that option. Even after the devastation surrounding my abortion, I still hadn’t regretted it. It took 9 years to see the horror of what abortion is. You see, there are three types of women who have an abortion. There are feminists who do not care what the evidence suggests, even if it is life they still believe women have the right to choose. Those are actually a smaller majority than you may think. Then, there are those that have immediate regret and numb the pain for years with any number of self induced punishment [ie. alcohol, drugs, abusive relationships, suicide]. Then there is the type I was and the majority is; justification.
I knew my abortion was wrong the minute I considered it, to the moment I woke up the day of the abortion, to when I stepped foot in the clinic, to when I woke up from the anesthesia. But the second I stepped foot out of the clinic, I experienced relief. It was truly a false sense of security. 2-3 weeks later when my cycle came, something about that triggered the deep understanding that I murdered my child. I cried for hours that night. I felt a pain so visceral, I can hardly describe it. I remember crying aloud, “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?” That moment, I truly mourned for my child. But what rights did I have to mourn? I suppressed the feelings with justification. I repeated the lies over and over in my head to soothe the pain. “I had no other choice… It was the best option for me and baby… I was already struggling to raise my son single handedly… He would have been a terrible father and I would have been tied to him forever… Nobody would have loved and accepted me… I’d be a screw up the rest of my life… I HAD to do it… It was so small anyway with no awareness…” That was the only way to move on with my life. Sadly, a lot of “pro-choice” women who experience abortion are caught in this same trap.

This is my story. How and why have I become a pro-life activist? The answer is: Jesus. When I got saved nearly one year ago, he showed me all my wicked ways so I could repent. This was the hardest I faced. But I realize my child’s life could still be used for good. Now, I have been equipped with the experience and knowledge to not only understand what abortion truly is, but I have been moved to help others who need healing from abortion, are contemplating it and who support it without all the facts.

Some people have all the facts and still claim “even if it is a life, women still have a right to choose”. So they support murder. They are not worth debating. Likely, they are feminists [males can be feminists too] who associate their identity to these beliefs and they will not change their world view without anything short of a miracle from God. But everyone else is great to debate. There are many people who do not know why they are pro-choice. That was me. I was simply taught that it is radical to take a pro-life position and it is an attack on women. That’s what the majority think. Lies told and believed over and over often become “truth” to the majority.

In this group, I plan on offering debate talking points on the subject based on my experience and I encourage you all to share what works for you, as well as stories of successful baby saving efforts. My knowledge is not the be all end all on the subject and I am still learning every day. But one thing I will cling to when debating is to maintain a scientific and logical position, then softening with my own testimony.
So stay tuned, I will be filling the files section with great, organized information that is easy to find. Thank you all for your amazing fight for the innocent. I refuse to let my child’s death be in vain. God Bless you all! <3 aa="" br="">

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