Consider Jesus


Consider Jesus.
What do you think of Him? What is He to you?

Consider Jesus
His Role In Where We Spend Eternity

Jesus? What does He mean to you? I’m not writing this to preach. I’m not writing this to convert you. That’s not my job. It’s the job of God to change minds and hearts. I’m just delivering to you what I know. I hope and pray it may help. Searching for meaning in your life? Dealing with guilt? Grappling with failure or loss? Unsure of where you will go when you slip into eternity? If you died now, would you go to Heaven? You may be simply curious. All of us will die. This may make you uncomfortable. You may wish to avoid this. But we must deal with this. You may already be a person of faith. You’re glad that you have come to the place of a like-minded person. In that case, I share your worldview. You may, sadly, may have heard the Name Jesus used only as a curse word. Many of us don’t model Him in our actions and words. As someone said, “What keeps me from Christ is Christians.” On behalf of us Christians, I apologize to you.

Consider Jesus
His Person and His work

Jesus? All of us have an opinion of Him. You may think He’s a great man. He is! But He’s more than just a man. Maybe you may think He’s a prophet. He is! But He’s much more! How does the Bible reveal Jesus? According to Scripture, Jesus is God the Son. He’s the Second Person of the Trinity. God the Father is the First Person of this Triune God. God the Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Godhead. Three in One. We can’t understand this with human logic. What about Jesus? Countless people believe that He was merely a human being. He was a wonderful human being. He was a strong prophet and a wise teacher. He was a man who exemplified how we all should live. He is all these things! But that is as far as many will go. This isn’t enough!

Consider Jesus
Our Need for Jesus

Jesus? What does He mean to you? He is all the above. He’s a great man and a Prophet. Jesus is our Example of how we should live. He’s a wise teacher and also God the Son. Jesus is the Prophet of all prophets. He is the Teacher of all teachers. Jesus is caring and compassionate. God the Son is full of love for all people. Faced with our temptations, He lived a perfect human life. He remained fully God even as He become fully man. I can’t understand or comprehend this, much less explain it. We must grasp these matters by faith. Jesus died of a most horrific, tragic, painful and unjust death. His murder was the greatest injustice in human history. Death and hell are the penalty for our sin. In Jesus, God took His own penalty for our sin. This means that God the Father sent God the Son to earth. He knew we couldn’t pay for our sin ourselves. Out of God’s great love, He paid it all for us! That wasn’t the end of the story. Jesus rose bodily from a borrowed grave. He declares that He’s the only way to know the Father (John 14:6). His words, not mine!

Consider Jesus
Sin Keeps Us From God

Jesus? The Bible says that EVERY ONE OF US has sinned against Him. This includes me and you. We’ve sinned and missed His mark of perfection. All of us have sinned in thought, word and deed. This sad fact consistently holds true! It doesn’t matter how respectable, moral, or virtuous our lives! Before God, all of us stand as criminals. We can’t attain His standards of perfection on our own! If you doubt this, just read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:3-48, (6:1-34), (7:1-26)! I haven’t lived up to these impossible standards! You’ll soon conclude the same for yourself. NONE of us have lived up to the precepts that we see there! We need a Savior. Jesus. That’s where He comes in! He’s the only One Who lived a perfect human life! Because of this, He was able to die for us in our place. Thus Jesus tells us in John 14:6 that He is the only Way to God. Only He could satisfy God’s holy standards.

Consider Jesus
Jesus Alone Saves

Jesus? It’s He alone Who saves us. He saves us from hell and from the power of sin. He makes acceptable with God. Through Him, God adopts us as His spiritual children (What love is this!). What do we need to do? Repent! Change our minds about God and sin. Determine to live His way in His power. Stop living life on our own terms. Stop living apart from God (“doing our own thing”). Turn to Christ and believing that He is Who He claimed to be. Count on His life and death to save us, according to the Scriptures.

Have access to a Bible? Have access to one and know little about Jesus? I suggest the Book of Mark in the Gospels because it is the shortest one of the four Gospels of Christ’s life. If you want to know what He is all about and about what He means to us, I suggest the Book of John.

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