Defining N Discussing Sin

Defining N Discussing Sin

Defining n discussing sin.
Sin. What an ugly word.
Many pastors avoid this word in sermons.
Lots of Christian authors avoid it in books.
Frequently Christian counselors skirt it in their sessions.
We have legislated murder as choice.

Defining N Discussing Sin
Sin Defined

We’ve redefined sins. God calls them moral wrongs what we call our rights. He denounces what He calls rebellion, unbelief and disobedience. These are ugly words! Our culture calls them things like meeting our needs and self-expression. Sin and related words denote guilt and offend us. Saying anything offensive has become almost criminal. Yet we see the evidence of evil around us. Can you turn on the news and not hear of our evil? Hear about corruption, abuse, violence and murder. What about prisons, hospitals, and courts? Without sin the world would look radically different. Even “good people” remain far from perfect. See the frequency of disunity and cliques in schools and in local churches? What about the sad fact of scandals among Christian leaders? Human fallenness is alive and well! To sum it up, the Bible calls sin falling short of God’s standard of PERFECTION.

Defining N Discussing Sin
My Experience

My experience? I have tons! How do I know? My thoughts, words and deeds tell me. I was taught that sin affects all our faculties. Me? I’ve forgotten God. I haven’t put Him first nor trusted Him. Have I used seen things to an unseen God? Yes! Misusing His Name? Guilty! Have I always honored my parents? No. Killing? No. But have I done enough to stop abortion? No. In other areas, I’ve failed to protect and uphold human life. In my thoughts, I’ve gotten angry for no good reason. Marital unfaithfulness? I haven’t committed the act. But honor the sanctity of my marriage? Honor my spouse? I’ve failed to consistently do that. Stealing? Guilty! Talking bad about people? I can’t count the times I’ve griped about people behind their backs. I was afraid to go directly to them. The last two commandments about coveting? Guilty and guilty!

Defining N Discussing Sin
Relation to Psychological Ills N Social Problems

Discussing my own sin is depressing. Though I follow Jesus, I still fall far short of perfection. Yep, I offend in thought, word and deed. You don’t lose your evil nature when you repent and turn to Jesus. And consider this: What is the relationship of the fallen nature with neurological conditions? How do autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) interact with sin? Mental illnesses? My belief is this. They aggravate our natural fallenness and reduce accountability. They’re explanations but not excuses for wrongdoing. Granted, many people seem to believe that conditions like ASDs and mental illnesses don’t “exist.” I know people like this! Social problems? What about social ills like wars, crimes, corruption, scandals and broken relationships? One thing is obvious. They’re expressions of corrupt human nature.

Defining N Discussing Sin
Where Jesus Comes In

Sin is a grim reality. We’ve wronged Him in thought, word and deed. Where does this leave us? Each of us deserves this holy God’s wrath and judgment. Read Romans 1 and 2. How can we appease this God Whom we have so offended? We can’t! Knowing this and loving us anyway, He devised an unthinkable plan. Never would we have dreamt it up! He sent His beloved Son, Jesus, to our Earth. Jesus didn’t come on His own. He arrived here because it was His Father’s idea! He was obeying His Father. As a human, Jesus experienced all our human temptations, hardships and infirmities. Guess what He NEVER experienced? Sin! Never once, in thought, word, or deed, was Jesus guilty of anything. He never once yielded to temptation. He stayed God the Son while becoming human. That qualifies Him to save us.

Dear reader, what will you do with Jesus?

If you know Him, Keep persevere and keep the faith. If you aren’t a Christian, repent and trust Jesus now. He’ll accept you as you are. He’ll give you salvation, forgiveness and access to God. These are gifts! Then He’ll clean up your life. If you want to find out more about Jesus, I have Gospels of John. I can send you one. Just contact me

Defining N Discussing Sin

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