Consider New Alternative; Sign Petition!

Life-Affirming Mother's Day Prayer

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See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good, both among yourselves, and to all men.
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Consider new alternative; sign petition!
Want to help more moms? Save more babies?
Pregnancy resource centers, want another alternative to offer clients?
Parents, want an alternative to keep your daughter from the abortion clinic?
Sidewalk counselors, want another alternative to offer women?

Consider New Alternative; Sign Petition!
Pro-Life Petition 2 Help More Moms

Consider new alternative. Sign a petition! To love babies, me must love their moms. The famous saying “Love them both” applies here. This petition calls for two-year foster care to be made available to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy. This two-year foster care would be an option for those who want their babies. But not now. As things stand now, if women feel unprepared to parent now? Adoption is her only option. What if she could consider a new alternative? How about our signing a petition for this?

Consider this new alternative; sign a petition. Today is International Women’s Day. In honor of women, give them a new alternative to abortion. Two-Year foster care may make abortion less tempting to those who do want a baby. But now they aren’t ready. Now, parenting and adopting are the only options for women who choose life for their babies. Because of the high abortion rate (3200 abortion in the U.S. alone!), these two options aren’t enough for many women. Serious about preventing abortions? Advocate fr two-year foster care. It wouldn’t hurt adoptive families. Read the petition text at the petition page.

Consider New Alternative; Sign Petition!
Pro-Life Petition 2 Save More Babies

A new option would save more babies. For all the reasons cited above. The welfare of women is intimately tied up with their unborn babies. Telling them, “Adoption, not abortion”, often isn’t incentive enough to move them to choose life for their babies. Saying, “Parenting in hard times empowers you,” may not be appeal to them. These things are often true for individual women. And dads. But adoption isn’t the right choice for many women or their babies. All these parents need is time to straighten out their lives so they can raise their children.

Two-year foster care can be best for many facing unplanned pregnancies. And the babies. It isn’t perfect. But neither are the other options. The only option we can’t live with is abortion. The damage it does never goes away. So I urge people to support this petition by visiting the link below. Signed it already? Share it freely. Use your social networks to spread the word, so others can sign it. If you haven’t signed the petition, I urge you to add your name!

Thank you!

Sign petition here! Or share it!

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