I’m not a business or a non-profit organization nor do I hold any affiliations with either of these at this time. I take no donations from what I do on this blog and I do not make any money off it. Therefore, I’m not here to sell anything or to raise funds, for I have no reason to do either at this time.

I regularly express viewpoints on my posts that I’m aware may differ vastly from the viewpoints of others and that may cause strong emotional reactions in others. While I express my opinions on a wide variety of topics, I fully realize that there are my opinions and that you often may not agree with my views. This is fine with me and I fully respect and honor everyone’s views on weighty matters, including religion, politics and everything else. In comments, you are free to disagree with me, even vigorously, but please do so with respect and avoid abusive or foul language.

You may find in these posts advice, insights or ideas that you may think may help you in whatever situation that you find yourself. However, no content in any of my posts are meant to take of the advice of professionals if you should need the advice or help of a doctor, a lawyer or another professional. Content in my posts is meant for educational and entertainment purposes only.

Be aware that people who may not have your best interests at heart, like ex-spouses, ex-partners, lawyers, members of the media, employers, and others, might conceivably see anything you may share in comments (or, if desired, in a guest blog post should you wish to do one) and can use your words against you.

I’m fully aware that I post many things here that can be used against me by those who may not have my best interests at heart, including the “bad guys” or “bad gals” that hide in the virtual world. I have no control over that but I trust that you who visit here are not among them.

-Lisa DeSherlia-

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