Epidemic O Darkness, Fear N Secrets?

Epidemic O Darkness, Fear N Secrets?Baby Feet (Interracial,small)

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Epidemic O Darkness, Fear N Secrets?

Epidemic O darkness, fears N secrets?
Infants are found abandoned
In trash cans
In dumpsters
In vehicles
In fact, anywhere
But in safe places.
When will it end?
How can we prevent it?

Epidemic O Darkness, Fear N Secrets?
The Tragedy

Isn’t there an epidemic O Darkness, Fear N Secrets? With alarming frequency, newborns are found abandoned just about anywhere. Just this past week as I write, my Facebook feed presented me with several posts of such cases. Below, I embedded one post which I reposted to my profile. These infants are found abandoned just about anywhere. Every time they are found this way, it’s the moms police seek out. And they don’t seek them out to help them. Instead, they seek these new moms out to prosecute them with abandonment and/or other charges.

It may be easy to have outrage at the moms. How can any mom do that to her baby? But way too many of them do. There’s a pattern here. Don’t they know about Safe Haven baby laws? Hasn’t anyone told them? And why don’t high schools and colleges have required courses about it?

Epidemic O Darkness, Fear N Secrets?
Likely Outcomes

The baby’s outcome? She will end up in the foster care system. Unless she is fortunate enough to be adopted, she’ll likely grow up in a series of foster homes. And you can guess what growing up in foster homes does to any young person. But the mom? She’ll face charges and prosecution. Now she has a criminal record. Every time she fills out a form to get a job, rent or own a place to live in, or any service, guess what? She’ll have to fill out “yes” if asked if she has been convicted of crimes against a child.

Posted by Lisa DeSherlia on Saturday, June 10, 2017

In response to an even earlier, still-recent abandoned baby case, I posted a hotline number.

Have a secret you can't share? Call 1-866-99BABY1(1-866-992-2291)

Posted by Lisa DeSherlia on Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Epidemic O Darkness, Fear N Secrets?
What Are Such Moms Thinking?

All this can be easily prevented! It doesn’t ever have to happen in the first place. But why do these babies keep showing up abandoned? What is the state of mind of moms who abandon their babies? Place them in grocery carts, vehicles, dumpsters, trash cans, or any other such place? Most of these moms either have a biochemical illness called postpartum depression. Or they are terrified of letting parents or others know they ever were pregnant. They are desperate to hide their babies. Well, why not just place them in adoption? Well I guess it’s either because they fear they’ll have to make their secret known. Or they fear the baby will have an awful life in foster homes.

Why is there such lack of awareness about Safe Haven laws in all 50 states? Is it because these laws vary state by state?

Parents and caring professionals need to educate themselves about Safe Haven laws. And maybe caring professionals should be required to know about them and educate clients? With our epidemic,maybe this is an idea worth pursuing. And how about making Safe Haven laws uniform in all 50 states? This would eliminate confusion.

Epidemic O Darkness, Fear N Secrets?
No Excuse but N Explanation

Isn’t there anyone they can go to? you may wonder. There may be. But they don’t believe they have anyone to turn to. Caring professionals are mandated reporters. And they may be terrified of family rejection. <strongNone of this is an excuse for abandoning any baby. But it is an explanation. And when we are desperate, we may do things we may not dream we’d ever do. So, instead of risking rejection or a lifetime of (perceived) suffering for their babies, they may do the unthinkable. Unaware of Safe Haven baby laws, they may simply abandon their newborns, risking prosecution.

Epidemic O Darkness, Fear N Secrets?

The tragedy of it is that all this can be prevented. There are Safe Haven laws in all 50 states in the U.S. What are these laws? Unfortunately, it seems that much more needs to be done to raise awareness. Under Safe Haven laws, a new mom has so many weeks to surrender her newborn. She can safely surrender her infant at any police station or hospital. In some states, she may be able to surrender her newborn at her local place of worship. In a few states, she may be able to surrender her newborn at a local pregnancy resource center. UNfortunately, laws are not the same in every state.

Below, I have linked to websites which gives a wealth of information about Safe Haven baby laws. As for prevention, we parents can make it clear that our daughters can come to us with anything. Even with concealed pregnancies. This is one way to prevent abandoned babies. All of us pro-lifers ought to raise awareness of Safe Haven baby laws far and wide.

This is a website that educates the public about this epidemic. And it educates pregnant women and new moms about how to safely surrender newborns. And the material shows how to do so and avoid the prosecution that women so often face. Click here to visit the website.

This website provides information on SafeHaven baby laws per state. It is also informative. click here and learn more.

This website provides information about Safe Haven laws. It offers a legal perspective but is written for laypeople. It, too, provides state by state information. click here and learn more.

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