Exploring Petition Requesting Support

Exploring Petition Requesting Support

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This is exploring a petition requesting my support.
I took note of its deploring many spending cuts I opposed.
Then I noticed that it also protests defunding Planned Parenthood.
Oh, how my heart sank.

Exploring Petition Requesting Support

This is exploring a petition requesting my support It was on Monday evening, May 8, 2017. I was checking my emails. In my Promotions folder, one email jumped out at me. The campaign requested opposing the spending cuts, embedded in the American Healthcare Act (Known as “Trumpcare”). Well, I heartily oppose all the Medicaid cuts. And I strongly deplore the changes to coverage of pre-existing conditions. And the Medicare changes. All this could force many to lose coverage through the rise in insurance premiums. And I moved to sign this petition.

But I noticed something else. It deplored the defunding of Planned Parenthood. I was so torn! I supported all spending cuts to PP. How could I sign this petition? But how could I not support the many of us who would be hurt by the the AHA? As it turned out, the petition had counted me as a signer! Why am I so aghast that my signature was counted on the petition? It’s because it does not exhibit a consistent life ethic. If only they had left out opposing the defunding of Planned Parenthood!

Exploring Petition Requesting Support
Background of Recent American Healthcare Act

This explores the second proposed healthcare plan. The House leadership, in consultation with President Trump, created the American Healthcare Act. And not last Friday, but I believe the Friday before that, the whole House voted on this bill. This proposed legislation has yet to go through the Senate. And a number of even Republican Senators have stated that they will start all over and craft their own healthcare bill. Why? This AHA calls for moving control of all healthcare insurance coverage decisions to the states. This includes coverage of pre-existing conditions. States are allowed to increase premiums on those with pre-existing conditions.

And there is more. The AHA also proposes billions of dollars in Medicaid cuts. According to reports, $850 billion is the amount. Yes, the AHA removes the mandate to purchase health care insurance. It does this for corporations, businesses, and individuals. Why did the creators of the AHA design “Trumpcare” this way? Their answers include: Medicaid doesn’t work for those it supposedly helps. Cutting it could save billions of dollars. Moving everything back to the states would give all 50 states control. Healthcare would be once in control of doctors and their patients.


On their Facebook page, The Democrats for Life of America made a post.  I read the article and fully agree with it. And I strongly encourage all pro-life advocates to read it.  See the embedded post below.

Exploring Petition Requesting Support
Current Developments

Current chaos have prevented further advancement of this bill. Still, I know that this threat of the American Healthcare Act being passed one day, scares many of us. Why can’t we pro-lifers get past defunding Planned Parenthood? And overturning Roe vs. Wade? These are commendable, but negative policies. They are meant to stop abortion. But what about going beyond these anti-abortion proposals? It seems that so many pro-lifers can’t see past an anti-abortion agenda. More and more, I can see why so many in the general culture see us as “pro-baby” and “pro-birth.”

Exploring Petition Requesting Support
Anti-Abortion R Pro-Life?

Reportedly, many pro-lifers want to re-bill themselves as “anti-abortion” instead of pro-life. They have expressed the desire to be single-issue advocates. But if we show support for babies alone, it’ll just fuel our image as not caring about women. What if our websites, social networks, and other communications show images of babies, for the most part? We reinforce the image of “pro-birth.” Showing images of babies and women give a strong message that we are not just pro-birth. And when we speak about women, let’s not just focus on them as moms. Speak to the issues that concern them, such as sexual assault, sexual harassment, and their “female health” concerns.

Exploring Petition Requesting Support
Traditional Pro-lifers, Embrace All Pro-life Advocates Please

I have experienced repercussions from pro-lifers in expressing my frustrations to them. I have been accused of “exhibiting pro-choice views and reasoning.” And they have said or indicated, that I’m not what they call “100% pro-life.” A number of them have removed me out of their online groups. To be fair, I no doubt have shared posts that I know have offended some of them. For example, I was told that one image was too graphic. And another meme was just confusing. The parties involved questioned my logic in openly presenting myself as a pro-life Democrat. “You can’t be pro-life and be a Democrat,” many pro-lifers seem to believe. This makes me feel really sad.

Are we really this divided? Is it impossible to find any common ground?

Exploring Petition Requesting Support

Let me get back to that petition. I’m talking about the one that opposes a bunch of cuts to essential healthcare. But it also opposes defunding Planned Parenthood. If that campaign had left Planned Parenthood out of it, I would have felt no regrets in my signature winding up on it. On the pro-life side, I sign all these petitions calling for defunding of PP alone. But they go no further. We badly need a consistent life ethic. Let us pursue an ethic that not only opposes abortion but that actively seeks to promote life at every stage.

Are you dealing with an unplanned pregnancy? Know someone else who is? Visit this paage if you know someone who is facing an unwanted pregnancy. Or if you need help.

We are pro-women even when you make the choice of abortion. Visit this page to find out about resources available to you!

You can help a woman in need without waiting for politicians. Click here to get started.

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