Help One Child

Help One Child

Help one child through a trusted charity!
None of us can save the world. We can change it for individuals in need.

Help One Child
What They Need

Help one child! Connect to a trusted charity. First identify what we need to change. Compassion International is a child sponsorship nonprofit. They work in many Third World countries. Countless children and families suffer absolute poverty. They don’t have clean water. Such children drink dirty water that causes disease. They can’t find food to eat. Their families live in substandard housing. Such children are robbed of a childhood. Many don’t live to see their sixth birthday. Natural disasters often devastate their communities. The children don’t get anything on birthdays or Christmas. They aren’t allowed to dream. The last thing on parents’ minds are helping their children succeed. They just hope their children survive! These are the communities that Compassion and other child sponsorship nonprofits serve.

Help One Child
How Child Sponsorship Helps

Help one child! As you ponder the extent of the need you’re overwhelmed. “What can one person do?” you may wonder. You can’t change the world. You can change one child’s life. Through sponsorship, you can provide a child all the physical needs she has. You also will send her to school. You’ll help her access health care. You’ll provide her with chances to learn of Jesus. You’ll make a profound difference in that child’s life. The child’s needs will be satisfied. This child can dream. She can reach her potential. One day, she may give back what she has received. It costs you $38 a month.

Help One Child
Yes, We Can Help

Help one child!! Each child is precious to God. Unborn and born. This appeal deals with born children in need. Without your help, these children will face bleak futures. They may even die. If you can, consider helping a child in this way. Indirectly, you’ll help her family and community. If you have means, consider sponsoring more than one child! I know that many of us can’t afford $38 a month to sponsor a child. We may be in a controlling situation. Maybe we can’t do what we wish with our resources. But we can all help! If you can’t sponsor a child, spread the word! We can all help in some way. Will you?

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

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Help One Child
The above photos are courtesy of Compassion International. Inc..

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