How To Help Your Child W Cyberbullying

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Want to know how To help your child W cyberbullying?

It’s not like bullying is anything new. But how it happens is different. Yes, traditional bullying and personal threats and rough shoves down the hallway are still a problem. However, the internet and smartphones have lead to a new kind of trouble. It’s called cyber-bullying.

How To Help Your Child W Cyberbullying
How You Can Help

If your child is being bullied online, there are ways you can help. But before you can take any specific actions like contacting a school or police department, you need to know what makes cyberbullying different.

What Is Cyberbullying?

What makes cyberbullying different from regular bullying? In many ways, there is no difference. It still involves threatening, embarrassing, or hurting someone. The difference is that this is done online through email, text, social media sites, and more.

Because everyone is so easily connected online, cyberbullying is both hard to get away from and easy to get out of hand. As the Stop Bullying website explains, cyberbullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because people can be anonymous online, you might never know who is bullying you.

How To Help Your Child W Cyberbullying
The Evils Of Cyberbullying

Is cyberbullying that bad? In a word, yes. It can happen anytime, so your child might never feel safe. They cannot stop it when they don’t know who’s doing it, and instead of just being embarrassed at school, that embarrassment can fly around the world.

Watch For Microaggressions

However, research into bullying is showing there are even new ways to hurt others. The Treehouse explains three types of microaggressions:

  1. Microassaults: Insulting and belittling people through language or imagery, such as showing a girl something blatantly sexist or demeaning.
  2. Microinsults: Purposefully making insensitive comments about someone, including “jokes” about an entire ethnic group or religion.
  3. Microinvalidation: Disregarding someone’s situation or challenge, like saying racism doesn’t exist or someone complaining about bullying “is the real bully.”

How To Help Your Child W Cyberbullying
Preventing Cyberbullying

Because these are often subtle, they can be easily overlooked. Many people can bully others through microaggressions without even realizing it. That’s why it’s important to talk about it to your child. They need to know what cyberbullying looks like when it’s subtle.

Preventing Cyberbullying

What can you do to help stop cyberbullying or even prevent it? If your child has received an online form of bullying, teach them to not respond. Ignoring them is exactly what bullies hate. Save every email, text, image, and so on. Printing screencaps is also a great idea since this proves your child has been cyberbullied. Report what’s going on to your child’s school. If necessary, contact the local police for more advice and support.

How To Help Your Child W Cyberbullying
More About Prevention

When it comes to preventing cyberbullying, read this PDF for ten tips specifically for teens. One way to protect your kids is to make sure their passwords are strong. If a bully cannot spoof their accounts, that’s one less way they can get to your child.

You Can Protect Your Child

While you cannot be online whenever your child is, there are steps you can take to help them with cyberbullying. Teach them what this kind of bullying looks like, including microaggressions. If these occur, help your kid to collect evidence and report it. Bullying might be common, but that doesn’t mean it has to happen.

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