Immigration Policy Pro-life?

Immigration Policy Pro-life?

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Ban all refugees from seven countries!
Ban Syrian refugees indefinitely!
Protect Americans!
End all radical terrorism now!

Immigration Policy Pro-life?
The Current Situation

President Donald Trump presents himself as a pro-life President. He stripped all funds from international Planned Parenthood services. He has selected a pro-life running mate and probably will appoint a pro-life Supreme Court Justice. Also, he has issued executive orders that many see as not consistently pro-life. They don’t use this term. But the principle still exists. The weekend of January 27-29, Trump took out an executive order. It called for all refugees to be barred from entering the U.S. from a number of Muslim countries. I saw the heartbreaking footage of confused and scared people at an airport. Some came to the microphones and wept. This was all unexpected. Nothing had prepared them for this. How is this executive order pro-life?

Morally, I felt uncomfortable with this. I saw the footage. Heartbroken families. I heard the cries. “I served as an interpreter for 14 years. Now they won’t let me back in.” “I’ve been a doctor her for years. Now I can’t get back into this country?” “My life will be in danger if I go back to my country. How can our President do this?!” “Now my child and are separated. It’s hard.” And someone described this: “My wife was pregnant and almost ready to give birth to our baby. And now they are sending her back?” Immediately, protests erupted. They grew ever larger in size. They sprung up nationwide. And then worldwide. “Welcome Refugees!”

“Stop this Muslim ban!” “Impeach Donald Trump!” “Restore our American values!” Even Muslim celebrities felt anxious about how the President’s new policy may affect them. Most notably, this ban didn’t extend to countries like Saudi Arabia, a nation which is suspected to be behind the Sept.11 terrorist attack. And it’s where our President allegedly has business ties. These two are true of the other Muslim countries excluded from this ban. How was this Trump move upholding a consistent life ethic?

Immigration Policy Pro-life?
The Side of Protecting Americans

Many support this travel ban. Our President’s campaign slogans included the following: “Make America great again!” “Put America first again!” “Make America safe again!” “Make America strong again!” The Constitution does tell us that protecting life is the first duty of the government Terrorist attacks are among those that have taken many lives in the West. No one wants to see terrorism and we ought to do all we can to prevent it. And women and children are frequent victims in many attacks. In his campaign, our President had promised to “Build a border wall” He promised “mass deportations.” At his rallies, people chanted, “Build that wall! Build that wall!” Most of Trump’s supporters and voters (not all) agree. We “need a border wall” to keep terrorists and criminals out!” Let’s deport “illegal aliens.” Don’t give them a path to citizenship. Mostly agreed!

We must act to prevent terrorism. But is acting in fear the answer? Tapping into citizen fears, anger, and prejudices? Feeding hate? Playing coy with White Supremacists? These are behaviors I observed, repeatedly, in our President. I agree with him that we can’t let just anyone in! Vet anyone who wants to enter our borders! We need to know who we’re admitting into our country. Already, we have a vetting system in place. A two-year vetting process, from what I understand. You can’t just cross the border, give your sob story, and be allowed in. No questions asked. You have to be checked and vetted. You have to undergo a criminal background check, which includes finger-printing. We are living in a post sept. 11 world.

Many citizens fear Muslims and lump all of them as terrorists. Or potential terrorists. “Islam is a religion.” “Islam is an ideology.” According to Trump and his supporters, Islam as an ideology, one to be feared and rejected. And fought against. Truth? Radicalization is the serious issue. Whether of Muslims or non-Mislims.

Immigration Policy Pro-life?
The Side of Immigrants

Muslims aren’t a homogenized group. There are hundreds of millions of Muslims, worldwide. Just some of them have been radicalized. Yes, this minority does tremendous damage! They’re behind most terrorist attacks here in the West, and abroad. They brainwash their children to hate all that isn’t radical Islam. And while Christians suffer the most intense persecution, most victims are Muslims. Muslims are a sheer numerical majority in Muslim countries. Most crime is Caucasian on Caucasian, or Black on Black. Caucasians commit most of America’s mass murders. Western terrorists often are radicalized online. Homegrown terrorists. How will banning people from suspicious countries protect America? Does being pro-life just cover American lives? Trump and his defenders have declared: “We want to have compassion for deserving refugees. This is just a temporary ban. The media is distorting facts, and stirring up mass hysteria. Most Americans are for this executive order. They realize that this is a small price to pay to keep us all safe.”

But life is sacred from conception to death. Doesn’t this include Muslim lives? Mexican lives? All other lives? Yes, American lives are sacred. Today, I heard a lawyer talking about some clients. They were not allowed back in the U.S., though they are Christians. What? Our President declared that he would make such people his top priority? What was I missing? It seems that this travel ban extends to law-abiding people who had contributed to America and lived as model citizens. What is going on? In the mean time, all the voices protesting our President’s executive order keep growing louder and louder. I know that many pro-life people will say: “Why talk about this? Why not just focus on abortion? It’s not like we’re directly targeting refugees for mass murder. When we address other issues we confuse our pro-life message. We can disagree on immigration policy and still be pro-life. We can’t disagree on abortion and still be pro-life.”

Immigration Policy Pro-life?

Our President’s executive order is in a state of flux. Developments broke after the above was written. An Attorney General, according to reports, filed a lawsuit with the White House over this travel ban. This Attorney General is in Washington State. Both side got to present their case. For now, families can reunite. What next?
The media haven’t been giving this much coverage now. But we know that this issue isn’t going away. What will be next? Reports tell us that the ban is separating another family. I can’t keep up with the new developments!
Now I learned that the Court rued against the ban. But the President wants to take it to the Supreme Court.
He’s said he wants to revise the ban. Reports indicate that mass deportations have been going on in some states. Not just over major crimes. Over minor offenses also.

This remains in a fluid state. And we can’t ignore this. It’s not going to go way. How then will we respond?
Should we pro-lifers function as “one-issue,” anti-abortion advocates? Focus solely on the unborn? Ignore issues such as immigration policy? Doing that, and coming off as insensitive to all other lives, won’t save babies. We pro-lifers should lead the way on speaking truth to power. Then people may want to hear our message.

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