Life-Affirming 2017 Father’s Day Prayer

Life=Affirming 2017 Father's Day Prayer

Bible verse of the day

Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on. The life is more than meat, and the body is more than raiment.
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Life-Affirming 2017 Father's Day Prayer

This is a life-affirming 2017 Father’s Day Prayer.

Life-Affirming 2017 Father’s Day Prayer
Directly Affected

Dear God and Father, this is my life-affirming 2017 Father’s Day prayer.

For all fathers and parents who have lost children: Give hope, comfort, peace, and answers to all those who have lost children. Especially, do this for those who have lost children through abortion, suicide, murder, or missing. Let them know that You know what it is like to lose a child. Give comfort also to those who have lost children through adoption or court order. May they turn to You, through Jesus,in their need.

For all all those who have lost fathers over these past 12 months: Comfort and give peace to all those who have lost fathers over these past 12 months. On this first Father’s Day without their fathers. may they know Your presence in a special way. May they see their need for You in Jesus and turn to You.

For all those who are estranged from their fathers: Give them healing and restoration. May they resolve the hurts and issues of the past. Abuse. Neglect. Addiction. Other issues. Let them forgive and, if they get opportunity, be reconciled. Move those who have given offense, to be contrite and if able, make amends. Comfort all those who are estranged because of circumstances beyond their control.

For all those who don’t know who their fathers are: May they find their identity in You through Christ. And let them know that they are far from alone. Many people don’t know whom their fathers are. If able, I pray that they can learn their origins. If not, give them peace to fill the “dad-shaped void.” Whether their dads are pastors, criminals (or anything else), may they count on You for what they couldn’t emotionally get from their dads.

Life-Affirming 2017 Father’s Day Prayer
Sanctity O Life N Fathers

Dear God and Father, this is my life-affirming Father’s Day prayer.

For all those facing crisis pregnancies: On any day, most of them will probably be feeling a number of things. Denial. Fear. Confusion. Shame. Hopelessness. Anger. And they feel these things on special days, I’m sure. Use a special day like Father’s Day to each them. Convict those who coerce women to have abortions. And convict those women who want abortions just for convenience. Soften their hearts and open their blinded minds. Move them to choose life or encourage others to.

Intervene in the lives of girls and women who are being bullied or lured into abortion. And intervene in the lives of uninformed or ambivalent girls and women. May they be given motivation and courage to question and challenge the lies of their culture. Let them find help through life-affirming services. Please let them get all the love, support, encouragement, and resources they need to choose life for their babies May the important people in their lives support them. And welcome their babies. Especially I pray this for the fathers of these babies.

For all those who facing end-of-life decisions: They are facing a painful time in their lives. No doubt they are having to pay frequent visits to hospitals or nursing homes. ANd they probably have to combine this with other responsibilities. Give them motivation and courage to question and challenge the lies of their culture. Give each of them peace and guidance. And may their loved ones be kept comfortable in their last days. May the health care providers also be given guidance.

For those who have lost babies to abortion: They no doubt experience a variety of these. Denial. Justification. Grief. Guilt. Shame. Hopelessness. Anger. Wherever each of them is, meet them there. Give them each motivation and courage to question and challenge what culture tells them. Break through in their lives. Move them to reach out for safe, life-affirming help. Give them restoration, healing, and comfort. Let them be given courage to testify to Your grace and compassion. And may they testify to the tragedy of abortion.

Life-Affirming 2017 Father’s Day Prayer
Others Affected B This Day

For single men: This day no doubt is another day to them. A reminder that they are not dads. And they are not being celebrated on this day. May they use this day to celebrate their own dads (if alive). May they pursue a special Father-son relationship with You. Guide, motivate, and move them to find special callings. Cause them to see that it is okay to be single. Remind them that Jesus was single. And may the calling of marriage be given to many of them, in due time. Prepare women who will make excellent wives for them.

For couples facing infertility: Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is no doubt emotionally difficult for them. The very purpose reminds them that they aren’t parents. May they not give up on the pursuit for a child. But may they not obsess over it. Let those in the position to do so, be open to adoption. Let them know that this isn’t second-class parenting. Nor is it just an alternative to abortion. May they see that it is a way to rescue a child from abuse, abandonment, or abortion. And may those unable to adopt or conceive, find other callings. May they turn to Jesus in their need. Let them know that parenthood isn’t everything.

For single moms: I know that many claim Father’s Day, as they are both mom and dad to their children. Single parenting is such a hard calling that some claim that it should not be chosen. (Widows and widowers are allowed single parent status). I know that the only known single parents in in Bible times were widows. Maybe widowers.
But may single moms claim this day. Even more, may they and their children know Your protection, provision, and grace. Let them turn to You in their need. May the Christian community reach out to them and lift them up. And may many find worthy mates who are Your best for them and their children.

For all those celebrating Father’s Day: May their happiness in their role as fathers fill them with gratitude. GRatitude to You. Let us celebrate fatherhood just as we do motherhood. May society come to see that fatherhood is every bit as important as motherhood. Many abortions and maternal crimes against children would be prevented if dads took responsibility for children they father. And may we all see that You offer us Your Fatherhood through Jesus. Thank You for Your great love and grace in offering us the gift of Your Fatherhood!

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