Making Our Voices Heard 4 Life

Making Our Voices Heard 4 Life

Making our voices heard 4 life!
Write letters to Congress!
Tired of abortion killing 3500 U.S. babies a day?
Not convinced that petitions work?
Can’t travel to contact lawmakers?

Making Our Voices Heard 4 Life
The Current Situation

Let’s make our voice heard 4 life! Why? Tell Congress we don’t want abortions! They need to know what we want of them. We know that Members of Congress keep waging partisan battles. They do this over most matters. Congressional Members do this over abortion. These politicians can’t even agree on stopping taxpayer-funded abortions. Contacting Congress gets complicated during election time. They know that most of us want abortion restrictions. Some pro-lifers have been able to contact Congress in person. They already voted on defunding Planned Parenthood (PP). We know how that went! Make our voices heard for life! Yet abortion keeps killing some 3500 of them daily. PP and other “abortion services” continue to leave women “high and dry.” Pro-choice advocates keep lying to women. Abortion workers keep lying to them. Doctors use them for their own gain. Now I’m sure many abortion workers do want to help women. But the results of what they do is the same. We can’t give up! Lives are at stake. Futures are at stake. We can’t quit! Make our voices heard for the babies! For the moms!

Making Our Voices Heard 4 Life
Power of Unified Grassroots Pressure

Let’s make our voices heard 4 life! Grassroots movements do have power. (They got abortion legalized in the first place!). The pro-life movement have been making our voices heard for over 40 years. Keep contacting Congress. Insist on being heard. Not for ourselves. For babies. For their moms. See how massive grassroots efforts made abortion legal in 1973. We’ll need equally massive efforts to once again protect the unborn. Keep contacting Congress to change and alter laws. Be heard for life! We need a better conditions so people won’t see abortion as a choice to make. This isn’t the case now. Women usually don’t know how to find or access alternatives. Family and culture often don’t help. It’s up to us to make our voices heard. We need a unified grassroots effort equal to that which made abortion legal in 1973. In fact, the unborn and their moms deserve greater advocacy. Make it clear to Congress that we don’t want abortions! Tell them that we want alternatives. Make our voices heard for moms and babies!

Making Our Voices Heard 4 Life!
Sample Letter

I’m including a sample letter to help. You don’t have to use it. In that case, compose your own. You can use this sample letter. Then add your own story. It would add to your impact. That holds true especially if you faced an unplanned pregnancy. Chose life for your baby? Had an abortion and are healing? Conceived in an unplanned pregnancy? Your story has power! THe idea is to make your voice heard!

To the Honorable—————————:

I’m writing to you on behalf of a serious matter. Over 3200 babies continue to be killed daily. They don’t get to be born. This is unacceptable. Since 1973, the law hasn’t protected this people group. When some aren’t safe, none of us is safe. Those who face unplanned pregnancies turn to abortion as their first “option.” So often, they feel that they don’t have any other options. Or better choices. This isn’t true “choice.” Choices are made freely and without regrets. Many people don’t choose abortion freely. They often regret this choice for the rest of their lives.

Those facing unplanned pregnancies don’t need abortions. Parents in crisis need love and support. Women need better choices. So strengthen existing alternatives. Improve adoption laws. Make adoption more affordable. It shouldn’t cost more to adopt a child than to abort that child. Offer subsidies to single parents and to low-income families. Defund Planned Parenthood. Re-allocate funds to the 17,000 community clinics that give care to families. Consider replacing abortion with two-year foster care. This would be a new option that would save babies.

We know that these things won’t be done easily. They won’t be done overnight. But lives are at stake. We won’t give up until you give attention to this most serious matter. Thank you for your service to the public. Thank you for looking into this urgent, serious matter. Nothing is more important or basic than life. Thank you. Respectfully,

This is making our voices heard 4 for the babies! Show respect and honor to Members of Congress. If we serve Jesus we’re representing Him. The Bible says to honor the government. In any case, we stand for the prolife movement.You can customize this letter. Adjust it to fit your situation and concerns. Copy this letter. Then click the button below to access the official Congressional website. Find your Members of Congress. Then paste your letter into their contact forms on their websites.

CLICK HERE and Contact Congress!

This photo is by Marnie Webb and is licensed under Creative Commons by NC-SA 2.0.

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