March 4 Life: Create Virtual March!

Pro-Life March: Create Virtual March!

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March 4 Life: Create Virtual March!

March 4 Life: Let’s create a virtual march!
Let’s March 4 Life in Washington!
Let’s take part is the biggest prolife event of the year!

March 4 Life: Create Virtual March!
What is this March About?

The March 4 Life comes up once a year. Prolife advocates and supporters seem to see it as a climactic event. On this occasion, many prolife leaders and supporters meet in person. Many of them often travel on buses or planes. Maybe by car. They have done this particular gathering for years. You may wonder: What are these marches supposed to do? Women still get abortions. Politicians won’t stop abortion. They can’t even defund Planned Parenthood, nationwide! Look, the Heartbeat Bill, vetoed in Ohio, is controversial! What will this get-together do? Pro-lifers haven’t ended abortion by means of these huge gatherings. Isn’t all of this just a way to see like-minded others? To belong to something bigger than oneself?

March 4 Life: Create Virtual March!
Remember the Model of Occupy Wall Street?

Remember Occupy Wall Street? They emerged to protest corporate greed and demand accountability for the super wealthy. “They’re filthy rich and ripping off the rest of us!” “Bail out Main Street, not Wall Street!” Organizers of their events created a virtual protest about their issue. Thus, I didn’t think up a virtual protest on my own. It was derived from another movement. You may say, What did it do for Occupy? Where is that movement today? I can assure you that most are scattered. Former Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, ran on the Occupy vision. No, he didn’t officially identify with them. Remember the 2016 primaries? Just because a virtual model didn’t work for one movement doesn’t mean it can’t work. Isn’t the goal of the March 4 Life to be heard? For babies and their moms?

March 4 Life: Create Virtual March!
Let’s Amplify Our Voices!

It’s wonderful if you can participate in a big event. Many pro-lifers are able to gather yearly to do so. Many leaders, widely followed and esteemed in the field, gather. Lots of supporters meet them. “”Look, I met this prolife advocate,” they can claim. Fortunate participants enjoy festivities, including photo-ops. But events like this aren’t for all prolife supporters. What about those of us who don’t have the time to travel? Who don’t have supportive families? What about those of us who can’t afford to travel? Yet all of us need to be heard! In this age of technology, pro-lifers should be able to make the March 4 Life accessible to all. At the end of this post, you’ll find a link to an article about how to make this happen.

Yes, it’s better to gather in person. But many supporters don’t have what they need for travel. Let’s amplify the voices of all who want to speak for babies and moms. Consider a virtual March 4 life.

March 4 Life: Create Virtual March!
In Any Case, We Can Be Heard!

In any case, all of us can be heard. If the March 4 Life hasn’t ended abortion, is it enough? None of us should rely on events to discharge our call to speak of for those who need our voices. Scripture has little to say about how many “righteous events” God wants us to take part in. He does say much about what He wants us to do! And we’re to do these things on a daily basis. Where the “rubber meets the road.” Yearly events like the March 4 Life provide a time for fellowship and fun. They amplify the voices of participants. “Look at all of us who don’t want abortion!” But we don’t need an event to be heard.

Visit this site and learn how we can make a virtual March 4 Life Happen!

Let Congress hear from us! Follow this link. Support this prolife campaign!

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