Mission, Purposes, Introduction

Mission, Purposes, Introduction

Mission. Purposes for website. Introducing myself.
I’m on a mission here.
Find out more below.

Mission, Purposes, Introduction
All Lives Are Sacred

I don’t know how you landed here. I don’t know how you found me. Did you find it through another person’s share? But I’m glad you’re here! Let me make my introduction. I’m not hiding behind my computer screen. The images and the petition widget tell you what this site is all about. So you are interested enough to check out this website? Then I believe certain things about you. You’re strongly prolife and are passionate to protect the unborn. That’s not you? Then you’re here out of curiosity. If that’s the case, I’m still glad you’re here! If you’re in crisis yourself, you can see hotlines for the depressed and suicidal. Find them in the right sidebar. You can see hotlines for those facing crisis pregnancies. Find those in the right sidebar. In these cases, leave this page and dial the proper hotline immediately. If you’re a prolife person who wants to help, you can sign a petition to protect all unborn human lives by law. I’m introducing myself.

Mission, Purposes, Introduction
All Lives Are Sacred–Sign Petition

This petition is running on three platforms. The PetitionSite. Change.org. CitizenGo.org. And now Petition2Congress.com. These petitions show the mission and purposes of this website. What is contained in this petition? It calls on U.S. politicians in Washington, D.C., to ban abortion. It calls them to protect all human life. This petition also calls on politicians to legislate a temporary, two-year foster care option. This would replace abortion for those who don’t want or can’t parent their babies “right now.” But they may do so in a couple of years. The petition also calls for strengthening adoption laws. It calls for funding the estimated 13,000 community health clinics that serve women and families. I know some people don’t think petitions make a difference. But we need to try. We can be even more effective by leaving comments. Petitions serve as an option for the many of us who can’t travel to meet politicians. Promoting them here is just one of the purposes of this site. The main one is to celebrate the sanctity of unborn and born human life.

Mission, Purposes, Introduction
All Lives Are Sacred–Take Action

This website is set up to issue calls to action. This is one of the purposes of this site. The central one is to affirm that all lives are sacred. From conception to natural death. If you’re a visitor who is in crisis, the action you’ll need to take is making those hotline calls. I know that making phone calls to strangers about your personal crisis is scary! But these are people who want to help you. If you’re a concerned citizen, you’ll be called to sign this petition on three platforms. You’ll be encouraged to circulate this petition. If you’re outside the U.S., you can still circulate this petition. You can use the shortlink: http://chn.ge/28RGZdC, to share it freely. When lives are on the line, we need to act.

Visit this page if you want to help. Thank you!

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