Christianity Defined

Christianity Defined

Christianity defined!
Duh! I know what that is.
No, it’s just one religion among many.
What is it anyway?

Christianity Defined

We need to define Christianity. What is it? You may think you know what it is. Believers are people who aren’t of a another world religion. Someone who is baptized believes. The U.S. is a Christian country. That makes you a believer, right? Saving faith, according to the Bible, is simple and difficult. We’re sinners. Jesus lived, died and rose again, to save us. Simply speaking, it’s changing our minds about sin and agreeing with God that we’re sinners. Trust in Jesus alone to save us. He alone is perfect. Then, it’s difficult because we follow Jesus and seek to live His way, by His power. Repentance. Faith.


Christianity Central to All Lives Are Sacred

Christianity is central to the pro-life message. This isn’t to say that science disproves God. The Bible says nothing that science can disagree with.
Despite what some say, science doesn’t disprove life’s starting at conception. The Gospel is crucial to the sanctity of human life. God is the Creator of all life. plus, He made us in HIs image. That sets us apart from all other creation. Yes, we’re mandated to take care of all His creation. Especially, let’s respect and protect the people He made. His message gives sanctity to our lives. All of them.

I’ll go into much more detail about all of this. Hang around to get my updates and see what this is all about.

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