New Moms N Navigating First Months N Style

New Moms N Navigating First Months N Style

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New Moms N Navigating First Months N Style

This is for new moms N navigating your first months in style.
For there is life after birth.
If you have made the choice to parent, this is for you.
For you need to know what to expect
In what is called “the fourth trimester.”
And you can do it in style.

New Moms N Navigating First Months N Style
Your New Baby

For new moms N navigating the first months in style.NewsUSA) – Watching a new baby explore his or her world during those first few months. It can bring so much happiness to new motherhood! However, it does present new challenges often to be figured out in a sleep-deprived state. Finding clothes that are comfortable, functional and stylish can lead to a serious wardrobe dilemma for many new moms. This is one example.

New Moms N Navigating First Months N Style

To address this, zulily, the online retailer obsessed with bringing moms special finds every day, is sharing insider tips. These are directly from their maternity and fourth-trimester experts. Fashion solutions for new and expectant moms include:
* Simplify: Steer clear of big prints, shiny fabrics, or anything that adds bulk. Solids and darker colors are flattering to changing bodies, and are easy to mix and match with pre-pregnancy wardrobe staples.
* Useful Nursing Apparel: For nursing or pumping moms, clothing that’s easy to care for and comfortable is key. Stock several styles of nursing bras to accommodate fluctuating sizes, and consider stretchy or snap-down tank tops and surplice styles.
* Adjustable Apparel: Wrap tops are another popular choice for nursing moms. Wrap dresses are classic, comfortable, and adjustable for special occasions during the post-baby period and beyond.
* Shapewear: Many new moms appreciate the comfort and support of seamless tops and compression leggings for their changing figures. Shapewear, such as zulily’s popular Belly Bandit, offers support to the belly, waist, and hips.

New Moms N Navigating First Months N Style
Fourth-Trimester Closet Concierge

From now until the end of March, zulily is hosting a Fourth-Trimester Closet Concierge. This gives new moms direct access to ask for fashion advice. “Our maternity team saw the need to provide a special service to new moms who can be overwhelmed and strapped for time,” explains Robin Otto, zulily maternity expert and merchandising manager. “We wanted to help these women navigate those first several months with ease, so that they can look and feel their best.”
The Fourth-Trimester Closet Concierge is a unique service that connects moms directly with zulily’s maternity style experts via the company’s Facebook Messenger chat.

New Moms N Navigating First Months N Style
How This Works

Their experts address post-pregnancy fashion and style concerns, ranging from what to wear for special occasions, to the most flattering silhouettes for any woman’s body type.
After the close of the concierge service, moms can still find a wealth of maternity and fourth- trimester options by visiting Zulily on Facebook, Facebook Messenger, or by visiting the Zulily website.

New Moms N Navigating First Months N Style
Wrapping It Up

You may wonder what this is doing on a site to end abortion. Simple. Life does not stop after you give birth. In fact, it goes on. And many moms choose to raise their own babies. And they need parenting advice. The choice to add articles like this is done to let you know that this site isn’t just pro-birth. This is life-affirming. It is my hope that including more parenting article and other family-friendly articles, will send this message: Parenting is hard but there are things that can be done to make it more appealing. Hopefully, my message on this site will resonate better because of inclusion of such articles.

This article is found on this website repository of copyright-free articles. I have adapted and modified it.

Are you facing an untimely pregnancy or know someone who is? Click here and learn more.

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