North Korea N Sanctity O Life?

North Korea N Sanctity O Life

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North Korea N Sanctity O Life?

North Korea and sanctity of human life?
What do these have to do with each other?
Why a country that has no regard for life?
Are there Christians in North Korea?

North Korea

North Korea and the sanctity of life? What do you think of when you think of this “Hermit Kingdom”? Unless I miss my guess, you think instantly of nukes. Maybe of the current dictator, Kim Jong Un.
When you think of North Korea (NK), do you think of the human rights of its own people? You may. I hope so. Think of it in terms of Christians in this country? Consider NK in terms of the sanctity of life? How it levels us all? Born and unborn?

North Korea N Sanctity O Life?
Yes, the Nuclear Threat

This country is absolutely a threat to us and to the outside world. We’re not in error to have a healthy fear when NK comes to mind. NK authorities have spent about six decades oppressing and starving their own people. And they have spent this time testing nuclear weapons. Media have helped me understand how people like Kim Jong Un and his minions think. NK authorities actually believe that we are their enemies and wish to destroy them! Their use nukes to “Protect themselves” from us in the U.S., whom they view as their “enemy” who wants to kill them! As I’m sure you know, they launched another nuclear test just days ago!

Yes, we should be on our guard in dealing with NK. This isn’t a regime to fool with. This dictator is a force to be reckoned with. As is his “Hermit Kingdom.”

North Korea N Sanctity O Life
Worst Human Rights Violator in the World?

What country is the worst human rights violator in the world? You may instantly think of Syria. Good guess! But North Korea (NK) actually is the top human rights abuser. The Nonprofit, Open Doors, ranks countries as to human rights abuses. Especially of Christians. The higher a country is on the list, the more egregious the country is. North Korea has been at the top of their list for many years. Learn more here. NK denies their own people any human rights. NK has zero regard for the sanctity of any human life. And if you show signs of dissent? You are an instant target.

North Korea N Sanctity O Life?
The Horrible Plight of This Country’s People

You have read of how I came to “get” how NK authorities think. They actually believe that we are “out to get them.” and they must destroy us first! What does this have to do with their brutal oppression of their people? Kim Jong UN and his minions are all about power. This makes sense with their use of nukes? What about their people? NK seeks to empower itself by demanding blind loyalty and yes, worship, from their citizens. Only the life if the dictator is sacred. And the lives of those who agree with him. He, and his dad and grandfather, all have demanded the worship of their people. Anyone who dares any form of dissent faces prison, even prompt execution!

North Korea N Sanctity O Life?
Christians In North Korea?

We know that religious liberty is nonexistent in “The Hermit Kingdom.” The poor NK people are “free” to do one thing only: Worship and yes! “pray” to “their loving fatherly leader.” Currently, that is Kim Jong Un. So it’s understandable if we don’t think there is a Christian witness in NK. But, my friends, there are thousands of Christians in North Korea! Reports tell us that they are growing! Because following Jesus costs them so much, you won’t find any nominal Christians in NK. To follow Jesus is dangerous in many countries. But NK is considered the worst country for Christians.

I have read books about NK. Eyes of the Tailless Animals was written bu a NK refugee. Soon Ok Lee is her name. She shares about how the amazing courage of NK believers in a NK concentration camp she was in, drew her to Jesus. And she came to Him. Juche, by Thomas J. Belke, goes inside the utterly irrational worldview that is behind the brutal regime of NK. And the harsh persecution of NK believers. It is an eye-opener! True, it was written 18 years ago. And that was when Kim Jong Il was in power. But its message is as relevant as every.

North Korea N Sanctity O Life?
How This Country Levels Us All: Born N Unborn

As I write this, North Korea did it again. News says they have tested a ballistic missile. Now what does this NK discussion have to do with the sanctity of life? And protecting the unborn? Everything! Suffering and death level us all. They remind us that “we are all in this together”! Abortion kills the unborn, and we should fight it hard. And protect the unborn with passion. Euthanasia kills the aging, disabled, and dying. But as national security threat like NK could kill us all, born and unborn! When our lives are threatened, we value them as sacred.

Juche, by Thomas J. Belke, discusses women in NK concentration camps. Pregnant women are forced to abort their babies. This “Hermit Kingdom” has no regard for human life. Born or unborn. As I write, a family member has is noting the footage of NK soldiers on TV. “They are such brainwashed robots,” she noted. “Don’t they know any better?” And, “Look at them, they’re such robots! They don’t look real. So sad.” But, as Juche details, the NK people are brainwashed from early childhood, to fall in line with the regime. As children, these poor NK people are taught to “pray” to the dictator. And they are taught that the West is the “evil, dangerous enemy.” It is so sad how they are brainwashed.

North Korea N Sanctity O Life?
Pro-Life Response

What do we do with this knowledge? We know what a threat “the Hermit Kingdom” is. To us. And to the world. Certainly to its own people. The threat causes us to realize that all life is sacred. When we speak to the threat of NK, we shouldn’t talk only about its very real nuclear threat. Never forget about their profound human rights abuses. Christian reader, pray for the NK people, and pray for the conversion of Kim Jong UN. And we know that we need not look to NK for a holocaust. We have one happening in the U.S. And we know to not not give up fighting for the unborn.

The nonprofit, Open Doors, describes the plight of Christians in North Korea. click here and learn more.

There is a website devoted to resettling North Korean refugees in China. Click here to view, visit, and help.

There is a website devoted to Christians in North Korea. Click here to visit, explore, and act.

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