One Hundred Percent Prolife?

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one hundred percent prolife?

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One hundred percent prolife? A 100% prolife petition recently been launched at
One hundred percent prolife? What does this mean?

One Hundred Percent Prolife?

One hundred percent prolife? Months ago, I started a petition. I launched it on the “Ban All Abortion! Protect All Unborn Human Life!” is its title. It tells the U.S. President and the U.S. Congress to set aside political differences. They must work together to protect the unborn. It calls for them to ban all abortions. A few months later, I launched this petition on It doesn’t just call for the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. No, this petition calls for better laws. These laws would make parenting more appealing. They’d make adoption more attractive! Also, I call for two-year temporary foster care. This would replace abortion. As followers of Jesus, what is our mandate? We are to do all within our power to rescue those who being “led to slaughter.” The word abortion isn’t mentioned in the Bible. But what does the Annunciation of Mary show us? It reveals that we’re human from conception on. At one time, each and every one of us was a pre-born baby. If we had been aborted, we wouldn’t be here. Yes, life is hard and full of trouble. But all people have a right to live. That includes us pre-born. This petition may seem unrealistic. Over time, if they see that we don’t want abortion, they may listen to us! Support this petition. Add your name. If you’ve signed, thank you. Circulate. Simple decency demands that we take action. Who is more defenseless than the unborn?

One Hundred Percent Prolife?
Has Incrementalism Worked?

One hundred percent prolife petition! So what? Historically, the prolife movement has taken the incrementalism approach. What is incrementalism? It means effecting change gradually and in steps. No outright bans. Nothing sweeping. “We have to slowly get people used to living without abortion,” is the incrementalist reasoning. Therefore, some states have banned abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Some states have banned abortions of babies diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. More and more Governors are defunding Planned Parenthood in their states. Some Governors have approved bural for aborted babies. What do all these have in common? They respect the humanity of the unborn. But none of them protect all babies. They are incremental. They protect some babies and not others.
In the meantime, abortion kills some 3500 babies daily. So we want to end abortion? Is incrementalism working for us? We may need to change our approach.

One Hundred Percent Prolife?
Role of Abortion Alternatives

Banning abortion isn’t enough. It’ll only increase illegal abortions. We must also call for politicians to strengthen abortion alternatives. They need to strengthen laws to make adoption and parenting more appealing! They may consider legislating two-year temporary foster care (TFC). It can replace abortion. Nationally, alleged unfit parents have nationwide access to TFC. Why not those facing crisis pregnancies? No option is perfect, including TFC. But abortion, which kills, is no option at all! I know some may say: Petitions don’t work! I agree that there are no guarantees. But we need to do all we can to protect the defenseless. Many of us can’t access our politicians in person. But we can sign and circulate prolife petitions. We can leave comments to be more effective. We can write to our legislators.

Will you support the petition below?

Lisa DeSherlia


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