Pregnant? Scared? Alone?

Pregnant? Scared? Alone?

Pregnant? Scared? Alone?
Are you a teen who isn’t ready for this?
Are you a mom facing unplanned pregnancy? Do you you struggle to feed your other children?
Are you a parent whose daughter came to you and said “I’m pregnant”?
Are you a guy who has found out that you got your girlfriend pregnant?
Are you a husband? Does your wife carry child you don’t want?
Are you a girl who got raped? And you found out you’re also pregnant?
Are you a woman who has a medical condition? And your pregnancy can worsen it?
Are you parents of an unborn baby with a poor prenatal diagnosis?

Pregnant? Scared? Alone?
Yes Your Situation May Be Grim

Pregnant? Scared? Alone? You may indeed be. You may love someone in this situation. You never planned this. You aren’t ready. You’re be too young. You want to have children. But not now! Later! It’s not convenient. It may pose quite a hardship. Your family may reject you! What if have to leave school? You’ll have to alter your entire life! Now your life is ruined! Facing unplanned pregnancy? Need help? You better believe it! You’re emotions are all over the place. You aren’t thinking clearly. You’re probably desperate. When we’re desperate, we tend to do rash things. We can make poor choices and suffer the consequences. You’re facing an unplanned pregnancy. Tremendously upset now? That’s quite normal!

Pregnant? Scared? Alone?
Abortion Isn’t the Answer

Pregnant? Scared? Alone? This culture thinks it knows what you need. They can come to you through your parents. Your boyfriend or husband can reflect culture. Culture comes through other voices. They’ll tell you to get an abortion. “It’s not a baby yet; you’re doing what’s best for you.” They may say,”You have the right to choose and control your body.” They may say, “No one need know.” But don’t believe them! Abortion may seem appealing to you now! When afraid or desperate you’ll do anything! Virtually anything. It seems like the easy way out! You may want out of your situation.

Please stop and realize one major thing. If you’re pregnant, you’re carrying a new life inside you. Not a potential life. An actual life! A life that must be protected. We tell pregnant women not to eat or inject certain things. “You’re eating for told,” people say. Nothing will hurt their unborn children! It’s a baby and this means we know it! We know it deep down. Pregnancy isn’t a disease. So abortion cures nothing. You don’t have a disease! It interrupts a natural process. It kills a new life.

Pregnant? Scared? Alone?
Abortion Alternatives Are Available!

Pregnant? Scared? Alone? You think you have to have an abortion. What if you even want it? You may not see alternatives. This culture hasn’t helped you much. People often know plenty about abortion! Why don’t they know of alternatives? Ignorance about adoption is astounding. Studies say that only a minority of pregnant women in crisis choose adoption. If you have enough help, you may be able to keep your baby. What are your options? Below, I share them with you. They include 24/7 hotlines. You can find help at any time of the day. You aren’t alone! The culture is largely ignorant about alternatives to abortion. Often you have to reach out to resources. Resources like what I’m about to share with you.

First, let me show you some photos of a pregnancy resource center.


Pregnant? Scared? Alone?

Counseling Session

Pregnant? Scared? Alone?

Resource Room

Pregnant? Scared? Alone?

More Supplies

Facing Unplanned or Crisis Pregnancy?

Optionline This website is devoted to girls and women facing crisis pregnancies. They have a chat feature and info about all your options. Facing an unplanned pregnancy?
You can call toll-free: 1-800-712-HELP(4357). You will be connected to a pregnancy resource center. Want alternatives to Planned Parenthood? These centers offer such.

These centers offer all their services free and confidential. They offer pregnancy tests, counseling, and ultrasounds. They will not tell you what to do. They’ll go over all your options. They offer medical and social referral services. They offer maternity clothes, baby clothes, and toys. They offer diapers and other supplies. Help is available for you! You don’t have to go through this alone. You can, with lots of support, choose life for your baby!
You can text “Helpline” to 313131.

Lifecall This website is also devoted to pregnant girls and women in crisis.
You can call toll-free: 1-800-662-2678
You can text SHELTER to 313131.

Stand Up Girl This is a website devoted to those facing crisis pregnancies. They have a chat feature, info about all your options and a forum.
You can text PREGNANT to 313131. This nonprofit focuses on teens.

Find A Pregnancy Center You can enter your zip code at the bottom left of this webpage and locate your nearest pregnancy resource center.

Click the button below to find a pregnancy resource center in your area!

Facing Unplanned or Crisis Pregnancy?


The above photos are provided courtesy of Mary’s Pregnancy Resource Center.

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