Abortion statistics


Abortion. People so often consider it as the first or only way to handle a crisis.

Am I safe to assume something about you? That this word comes to mind if you’re pregnant and in crisis?

Abortion: What Is It?
The Basics

Abortion is the deliberate act of ending a biological condition. It ends a pregnancy, a natural growth process of growth. Terminate a pregnancy, kill a baby. Now I can’t speak from experience, not having experienced this situation. I AM close to others who have! What is very early abortion? According to research, we call it “menstrual extraction” in the first weeks. Terminating a pregnancy is simple during this time. That’s because the embryo is so small. This is a form of surgical abortion.

Later-term termination works differently. Later, doctors terminate through Dilation and Evacuation (D and E)). D and E suctions the baby out of the mom’s body. It tears her apart limb by limb. Also, women take “the abortion pill” (called RU-486). These are chemical abortions. Later, she must return to the abortion doctor’s office and take a second pill. Results for mom?
Not always successful. Results for baby? Probable death.

After 20 weeks things gets more complicated. When doctors terminate after 2o weeks, the procedure gets more complicated. It poses more risks also for the woman. The baby “feels” her death more and more. Saline abortion is a late-term procedure. This burns the baby through “salt poisoning.” Also, the later one terminates, the more money one pays. Federal funds don’t cover abortions, courtesy of the Hyde Amendment. You have to cover your own costs.

Abortion: What Does It Mean for your Baby?
The consequences for Her

What does this option do to your baby? Bluntly, it kills your baby. That is the purpose. Termination is just a fancy word for killing a baby. Homicide of unborn people. We define homicide as “death of a human being at the hands of another.” Abortion does nothing good for the baby. Zip. Zero.
None.At the abortion clinic, workers will deny that your baby is human. They have to as it justifies their work. They won’t tell you about fetal development. They won’t tell you about how the unborn baby can feel pain by 20 months. They’ll discourage you from viewing an ultrasound of your baby.

Research tells us disturbing things. At Planned Parenthood, workers sell babies as body parts. The unborn aren’t people to them. Those who terminate pregnancies seek one thing. To kill your baby. All talk of choice is a smokescreen. What choice does your baby have? Is your choice informed? Are others luring or bullying you into termination? Are you sure you want to abort your baby? Have you been told of alternatives? Aware of them?

Abortion: What Does it Mean for You?
The Consequences

What will this option do to you? Your culture tells you, “Abortion is your right.” “It’s your choice.” “You get to control your own body.” “It’s no one’s business.” t. You’ve got the right to choose. You’ve got the right to your life! No one will know! But you know. You know! And what about after the abortion? Your culture won’t let you grieve your baby. You made your choice! It wasn’t a baby! Your conscience will accuse you of killing your baby. The only way to have peace is the suppress/repress your emotions. This freedom comes with a high price tag. Abortion doesn’t serve you.

What we choose has trade-offs. You’ll have to live with knowing that you killed your baby for the rest of your life. Culture will impose upon you a code of silence. Want to carry a load of guilt and shame that may haunt you forever? Your local church often doesn’t know how to help. They may feel uncomfortable talking about abortion. It’s taboo! Talk about feeling alone in a roomful of people! Talk about failed relationships! None of this has to happen.

Click the image below to locate a pregnancy resource center in your area.


You can choose life for your baby! Call Optionline at 1-800-712-HELP (4357).


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