Another Abortion Alternative Needed!

All Lives are Sacred from Conception to Natual Death

Abortion isn’t a viable option. We hold that life begins at conception, right? Then we must reject it. What happens if abortion is banned? What will women and their partners or spouses do then? Another abortion alternatives is needed! Without it, those facing crisis pregnancies will turn to illegal abortions. Or they will turn to “home remedies” to induce their own abortions. That will happen if we don’t call for a new alternative. No alternative is perfect. But it will spare the baby’s life. It’ll spare the mom from the grief and guilt of abortion. It will give her and her partner motivation to improve themselves. It will motivate them to become responsible. They’ll want to do what it takes to get their baby back. They’ll show that they can handle her care. As things stand now, women who choose life have two options. Parenting. Adoption. Both choices are painful for different reasons.

Another Abortion Alternative Needed
Why Another Option is Needed

Parenting and adoption are the only life-affrming options a pregnant woman in crisis has. The hardships of parenting are obvious. Caring for a child without a spouse, in college, or with a low income, is even more difficult. Choosing this route means many hardships for the parent(s). It means a lifetime of lasting disadvantages for the child. Children raised in these circumstances often grow up with learning or behavioral issues. They often grow up to repeat the cycles of their families. They often miss out on advantages their peers enjoy. Choosing adoption is a loving, child-centered option. But carrying a child for nine moths and then placing her with strangers, hurts. Adoption may free the mom physically. Seldom does it free her emotionally. She knows that while she has lost her child, she’s out there somewhere. She can’t count on reunion. Even if it happens, it’s not the same as watching her child grow up.

Another Abortion Alternative needed
Temporary Foster Care

Another abortion alternative needed! To ban abortion, we must replace it. Temporary foster care for those facing unplanned pregnancies may serve as that option. Some pro-life feminists have been suggesting it for decades. It’s not ideal, just as neither parenting or adoption are ideal. From the beginning, a child deserves stability. Here, though, we’re talking about babies whose lives are on the line. We’re talking about moms who need more help and incentives to choose life for their babies. Two year temporary foster care would save babies’ lives. It would save moms from abortion. When lives are on the line, we need to accept another, less than ideal option. But it would be life-affirming as it would save a baby from abortion. And, she would be allowed to visit her mom during this time. She wouldn’t be available for adoption. This law wouldn’t affect adoptive families. In two years or less, those who choose this option, can care for their baby when ready to do so.

PLEASE HELP Ban abortion. But replace it with another, life-affirming option!

Another Abortion Alternative Needed!

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Another Abortion Alternative Needed!

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