Example Pregnancy Resource Center

Example Pregnancy Resource Center


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Example Pregnancy Resource Center

Pregnancy Resource Center Resources

Example Pregnancy Resource Center

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An example pregnancy resource center.
This page is devoted to a post that gives you a peek into what these centers do. Here is the text of the appeal as follows:

Maybe you are a new friend and don’t know the specifics of what we do at Mary’s Pregnancy Resource Center and how we do it. I like to give you a tour and share our CPC with you.

When women, no matter the age, experiencing unplanned pregnancies seeking abortion or in a crisis that leads to “that option” come through our doors, we provide them with counseling before and after the pregnancy test or ultrasound, whichever one is suitable for the case.

We then, build a case plan, according to the girl’s situation in order to help her overcome the crisis that it’s leading to consider an abortion. We set goals and make referrals immediately for Pre-Natal medical attention, WIC, Housing or any immediate needs resource.

We provide them with prenatal vitamins and Children Vitamins in the case they have other children. A Welcome Baby gift bag, when they chose Life, that’s is full of baby goodies is given.

We also provide them with an envelope that contains, our daily schedule, details on how to earn Baby Bucks (what they use to buy baby and maternity items at our Baby Mart). They can earn for participating in Parenting, Breastfeed, Childbirth, Life Skills, Nutrition, Budgeting, Abstinence and a variety of other educational classes. Most classes consist of a video, discussion, work sheet and homework. They earn extra for their homework.
They also earn for achieving goals, punctuality, volunteering, follow up with referrals, etc. They earn double when the Dad’s get involved in all of the above, as a way of rewarding family unity.

They also recipe a list of prices at Baby Mart, items are sell with Baby Bucks from $.25 to $10.
We serve them through out their pregnancy and up to one year after the Baby is born. During that time we prepare them not only to be responsible and equipped parents but also to go back to work or to school.

We also offer Daddy’s Program. My husband Pete is in charge of that program and he provide the young fathers many life skills, fellowship and counseling.

Extra resources are an annual Baby Shower for a Group of our girls, those closed to give birth during the schedule event. The last two year have been sponsored by God’s Grace Ministry.

We also feed them in Thanksgiving, last year we did a banquet for them the previous years my husband and I have delivered hot meals to every one of our family in need of it on Thanksgiving Day. We also celebrate Christmas with them and provide a meal and toys give away. Last year was sponsored by Stranahan High School who provided over 150 shoe boxes for the kids of our clients.

We partner directly with Salvation Army and 211 hotline for shelters referrals and Joseph’s Storehouse for food along with many other Social Services.

We provide Life Style Counseling to those clients with negative pregnancy test and referrals.
Tomorrow will be our first Post Abortion Counseling as well.

We have a playground and air conditioner inside play station for the children of our clients to have have a space while Mom is receiving our services. We also have a meditation garden that we use on collet days to counsel and that they can use to spend sometime and reflect.

Every year a anonymous donor, she will kill me if I mentioned her, donates Easter and Christmas Dresses for all our little girls and gift cards for Payless Shoes or Sears for back to school.

We also have individual donors who provide financially or mail us gift cards and other gifts donated ,to be used as reward for participation in series of classes, we raffle those one at a time within the participants.
Hope you local ones can visit our Center sometime. For those of you who live far I hope this helps to understand what we do.

Since our work for the unborn is never too much my husband and I also do sidewalk counseling as time permits. Sometimes we just stop by the abortion clinics and pray.

Maybe you don’t have a specific ministry you help whether financially, volunteering, tangible gifts, diapers drive, etc and you are led to support us. We surely appreciate every help, what may be small to you is huge for us. We help between 7-10 girls a day by percentage. Our staff salaries are right now covered by a Life Affirming Grant and therefore we can assure you that every cent you donate will go directly to client’s services. We have 4 staff one full time and 3 part times. Not that is wrong for those who doesn’t have any other venues to get a salary off contributions but it’s just not our case, and for that we are forever grateful to God.
Here is our address and our PayPal do whatever the Lord place in your heart.
2516 SW 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

All these photos are provided courtesy of Mary’s Pregnancy Resource Center, a nonprofit that I am not a partner of or affiliated with.

This was posted by Yohanka Reyes, Executive Director of Mary’s Pregnancy Center, on October 15, 2015.


This appeal was formerly published on St. Mary’s Pregnancy Center’s Facebook page. This appeal gives you a snapshot of what goes on behind the doors of pregnancy resource centers. Do you need the help of a pregnancy resource center? Do you want to volunteer or donate to your local center? Click the button below to begin!

A Sample Pregnancy Resource Center

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Example Pregnancy Resource Center

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