My Granddaughters

My Granddaughters


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I raised my 5 children to be pro-life. I told my 4 sons, “If you get a girl pregnant do the right thing & marry her.” I told my daughter, “If you get pregnant don’t even consider abortion. Your father & I will help you.” Nonetheless, I was shocked when she told me at 16 that she was pregnant & the older father had told her to get an abortion because she had participated in ‘True Love Waits’ (an abstinence program).

She stayed home with us, working & eating a healthy diet. My husband’s insurance covered the delivery. She didn’t need a section & she stayed with us, nursing her baby. She has since moved out, become a chef & single mother to my granddaughter, now 7.

My oldest son called me right after his honeymoon & told me the marriage was a terrible mistake. I said, “Don’t get her pregnant & you can get an annulment”. It was soon revealed she was already pregnant. “What will you do?”, I asked. “What do you think I’ll do?, he growled. “I’ll raise my child.” Some months later she left & they’re sharing custody. He adores his toddler daughter, my newest granddaughter.

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