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View ultrasound video. See a baby’s prenatal development in action!

View Ultrasound Video
Common Uses of Ultrasound

View ultrasound video? What’s the big deal anyway? First we need to know the basics about sonography. There are different kinds of sonography. Cardiologists use it to catch some cardiac conditions. Orthopedists use it to find certain muscular-skeletal issues. I have a diagnosed condition that can impact my heart. So I get cardiac sonograms. Called echocardiograms, I now only need them done every two years. In prenatal care, doctors use ultrasound to discern the gender of the unborn child. Sonograms can pick up some medical issues in babies. Pregnancy resource centers use what’s called “limited ultrasound.” They try to educate clients about their baby’s prenatal development. These are called educational ultrasounds.

View Ultrasound Video
Sonograms and Abortion

Planned Parenthood hates ultrasound. Yes,they use it indeed. They do ultrasounds to guide them in doing abortions. In other words, they seek to do “painless kills.” Post-abortive women have shared what would have prevented their abortions. One is not knowing about the prenatal development of their babies. If they had seen their babies on sonograms, would they have killed them? Abortion workers discourage abortion-minded women from seeing their babies on ultrasound. Pro-abortion people know one thing. They know that sonography will undermine their agenda to sell abortions to women. I know that some pro-life politicians have unsuccessfully tried to legislate mandatory ultrasounds for abortion-minded women. I know that some states have enacted ultrasound laws. Believe me, required ultrasound is controversial. Why?

View Ultrasound Video
Sonography Saves Babies

Put simply, ultrasound saves babies! It halts many abortions. The unborn can’t speak up. They can’t defend themselves. Sonography lets them make the case for their right to live. In the past, ultrasound was not as good. The baby was harder to see on ultrasound. Now, 3D and 4D ultrasound are clearer. It’s quite easy to see your baby on these updated sonograms. In ultrasounds, you see the baby move. You see her body parts. You see that she’s no mass of cells. She’s a tiny human being! If you’re a sonographer, I encourage you to use your skills to volunteer for your local pregnancy resource center. Show women their babies on ultrasound. Are you facing unplanned pregnancy? See your baby on ultrasound! View the video below. It shows a baby’s prenatal development.

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View Ultrasound

This video is provided courtesy of American Life League.

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