President Trump, Hear Us!

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President Trump, hear us!

President Trump, Hear Us!
Your Big Speech

Many people held high expectations of your speech. The presentation you made to both Houses of Congress. As for me, I couldn’t grasp why so many people pinned so much on a speech written for you. Some national media networks gave it all-day coverage and analysis. As a President without any prior political experience, I’m sure you were a bundle of nerves inside. Really, you seemed pleased with yourself as you recited your list of accomplishments. Your unexpected Election Night victory.

I commend you for the softened tone of your speech. Your tone was kinder and more Presidential. Many people were relieved when you opened your speech by denouncing the hateful threats of anti-Semitism in our cities. Thank you for mentioning the end of Black History month. And that you intend to reach out to the Black community. Many people are cheering because, as they say, you are doing what you promised you would do. Many of us praise You for showing cops, the military, and veterans the recognition they deserve for serving us.

President Trump, Hear Us!
Don’t Forget Your Promise to Protect the Sanctity of All Life!

Make no mistake. We could tell that you thrilled your supporters. And your fellow Republicans. Yes, you mentioned wanting to unite the country. To find common ground. Yet as I listened to you, I heard nothing that reassured me that you really sought national unity. President Trump, be R President also! You did mention protecting women’s health care. I’m sure many women heard that with uneasy relief. But I’m sure that hearing this gave pro-lifers pause. What did you mean by “women’s health care”? And you mentioned nothing about protecting the unborn. Your speech mentioned nothing about alternatives for women in crisis.

President Trump, hear us! I know that you left out any controversial topics. I guess this was in the name of unity. And so we heard no mention of abortion. If you want to keep the support of the pro-life community, you need to keep your promises. To remove federal funding from Planned Parenthood. Mr. President, you need to go even further. Propose and sign laws that reduce temptations for women to choose abortion. That reduce the temptation of families to pressure their female loved ones to have abortions. Allot funds to paid family leave. Consider raising the minimum wage. Make adoption more affordable. Replace abortion with two-year foster care for those who want their babies. But “Not now.”

President Trump, Hear Us!
What about Us?

President Trump, hear us! The media have been showering you with praise. They’re taking note of the softer tone of the speech. Your GOP colleagues express pride in you. You are delighting your core voters. You did speak to certain groups of people. I have cited that in earlier paragraphs. But while others lauded your presentation as unifying, I noticed what was left out. Whom you didn’t speak to. Not just our unborn citizens, either. Those of us who use Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid, heard little about our concerns. Workers living on low wages heard nothing about raising the minimum wage. You said little to reassure many of us.

Many Muslims heard nothing addressing their concerns. Nor did you speak to the genuine fears and anxieties of others fearing deportation. Instead, last night they heard you come on strong. You declared your resolve to fight terrorism. Commendable. Your first duty is to protect the lives of your citizens. But must we do it on the backs of peace-loving “illegals”? Breaking up families? These “illegals” make valuable contributions to our nation. They do jobs that most of us refuse to do. They’re willing to work for less. These people risk their lives to come to us. Why go after them? Can’t you protect us without embarrassing us?

Mr. President, hear us! Not just your supporters. All of us! From what we heard weeks ago, you targeted those who support you. Voters who cast their ballots for you. People who like or agree with your policies. Yes, they made you what you are. Because of them, you fill the highest office in the land. Yet what about the rest of us? What about those who voted for your opponent? Consider those of us who voted for Third Party candidates. All of us have deep, real reasons for why we voted as we did. Know that we aren’t your enemies. Those who express hate toward you (or anyone) are wrong. I, for one, don’t stand with them. Nor does God.

President Trump, Hear Us!!
Please Speak to Our Concerns!

President Trump, hear us! No, the “other America” didn’t vote for you. Many are marching and picketing you. You’re aware of the many angry people confronting their Members of Congress. Now, like you, I’m known for being thin-skinned. No one likes to face critique or criticism. It means you need to make changes. No, I don’t stand with those criminals who get violent and deface property or attack cops or others. Yet so much of this anger is because of your rhetoric which has incited racism, sexism, prejudices and hate of anything “other”. Many people have not forgotten those demeaning things you have said about groups or individuals. And have not taken responsibility for.

I know why many people voted for you. American Christians (an estimated 85%) reluctantly voted for you. That’s because you told them you’d uphold the rights of the unborn. And you promised to defund Planned Parenthood. Most of all you promised to appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court. We know that Democrats, for their reasons, want to block your current nominee from getting confirmed as Justice. I won’t go into that. That merits a post of its own. Mr. President, you need to reach out to those of us who didn’t vote for you! And calling our real concerns and objects “petty fights” isn’t cutting it. There’s nothing “petty” about the genuine concerns of those whom I mentioned earlier.

Yes, I know that your audience was the Members of Congress. Both Houses. You may have been addressing your Democratic colleagues? I’m sure you were. But while I disagree with them about their pro-abortion stance, I know they speak for many people who didn’t vote for you. Want them to work with you? Then please don’t dismiss their advocacy for their constituents as “petty”! Truly, I saw little effort last night to speak to the concerns of those who didn’t vote for you. Nothing except exhortations to “work with you” and “stop petty fighting.” This isn’t enough to foster unity.

Mr. President, you do have a tough job. The hardest job in the world. I pray for your safety. As well as for you salvation in Jesus. No, I’m not judging you. So many of your actions indicate that you don’t understand the Gospel. Yes, you have revised your original travel ban. But it still is hurtful to immigrants. Now you are setting forth domestic cuts that could be hurtful to vulnerable citizens. This includes low-income pregnant women. And new moms. The cuts would hurt low-income families. People with disabilities. Senior citizens. For the same reason, many of us are troubled by the GOP health care bill.

President Trump, you need to become more inclusive. LIsten to those who did not vote for you. To politicians who did not endorse you. Like you, I don’t like to be criticized. Who does? But when you hold the top office in the land, expect it. Are you listening?

The above photo is by Gage Skidmore and is licensed under Creative Commons Share and ShareAlike 2.0.

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Lisa DeSherlia

I'm Lisa DeSherlia, a Christian with a relationship with Christ. I'm a wife, a mom and pro-life. All lives are sacred from conception to natural death. But anyone is welcome here as long as you are willing to respect and be civil with those who disagree with you.

Readers Comments (2)

  1. anthony masalonis March 16, 2017 @ 6:55 pm

    Agree with *all* this! Also wish Mr. Trump would significantly, significantly dial back the disgusting increase in military spending and troop deployment. Warmongering and the lies of “just war” and “peace through strength” not only kill the innocent and guilty alike – when all killing is wrong – they also breed global hatred for America and Americans; and they steal from the poor, from unborn and born children and their families, and from all those in need mentioned in Lisa’s post.

    • Hello, Anthony Masalonis:

      Thank you for your thoughts! I indeed hope and pray that our President will hear all of those who are concerned with how he is governing. So much is at stake.


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