Press 4 Better Alternatives 2 Abortion 2017!

Press 4 Better Alternatives 2 Abortion 2017

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Press 4 Better Abortion Alternatives 2017!

Press 4 better alternatives 2 abortion 2017!

Press 4 Better Alternatives 2 Abortion 2017!
Why We Needed 2 Do This

In the prolife community, the stress centers on abolishing abortion. Ending the practice. Stopping it. Closing the industry. Defunding Planned Parenthood. Making termination illegal. But what about pressing for better alternativesfor those tempted to make that choice? And why do so many pregnant women in crisis end their pregnancies? For what cause do so many families pressure their daughter to abort? “Don’t want the baby? Get rid of it?” “Don’t want to be pregnant? End it!” Just like racism was not so long ago, acceptance of pregnancy termination is institutionalized.

Is this how we solve problems now? Or what we see as “too much” for us? I’m sure part of it is that ending pregnancy is legal. Hence available. If it’s legal, then it has to be okay. Right?

Press 4 Better Alternatives 2 Abortion 2017!
Is Defunding N Repealing Enough?

The prolife movement strives to overturn Roe vs. Wade. Doing so could save many babies. But at what price? Would this ruling win the hearts of people? Would it cause them to turn against abortion? In some cases, I’m sure it could. I know that some prolifers and abolitionists, compare criminalizing abortion with any other crime. You don’t care about what people think about it. You just want to restrain those who want to do the crime! While it’s wrong to end a pregnancy, you have to treat this crime like any other. Consider the mitigating circumstances. In the case of pregnant women in crisis, an unwanted pregnancy is a difficult, painful situation. Many of such women are desperate. And desperate people tend to do rash things.

Yes, defunding Planned Parenthood is a good start. Repealing Roe vs. Wade is even better. But they stop short. Neither can stop abortion. Pregnancy resource centers go far in providing many girls and women with alternatives. But almost all of them are underfunded and understaffed. Being nonprofits, they don’t take government $$$. So, unlike Planned Parenthood clinics, these centers aren’t rolling in greenbacks. So if PP were defunded and Roe vs. Wade were repeal, then what? These centers would be overwhelmed with women in crisis. THat is, unless they went underground to get their abortions.

Press 4 Better Alternatives 2 Abortion 2017!
Fund Existing Alternatives?

Pregnancy resource centers usually can offer only two alternatives that affirm life. One is parenting. But many of the clients they serve can’t take care of their babies. Or they don’t have support. The second option is adoption. This is a loving, child-centered choice. But adoption’s permanence doesn’t appeal to most women. What if they should be able to raise the child in a couple of years? When we demand that Congress and the President defund Planned Parenthood, we dare not stop there. Defunding alone would leave a vacuum. What would the $$$ go? Prolife politicians who defund without reallocating just send women this message: We are pro-birth and pro for the life of your baby. Not for you.

THe costs of parenting and adoption are steep. Politicians can help by taking those PLanned Parenthood funds. They can and should reallocate those $$$ to the estimated 13,000 community health clinics that serve women and families.
And maybe they can come up with funds to provide subsidies to low-income families. Politicians can give better subsidies to qualified adoptive parents. The media can help by giving positive press coverage to adoptive families. Maybe a TV network can give a reality show to an adoptive family. There you go!

Press 4 Better Alternatives 2 Abortion 2017!
Create New Alternative?

Consider creating a new option. Now what would that be? you may think. Let me share it. Like parenting and adoption, it’s not ideal. It has advantages and disadvantages. But it would save babies from abortion! It would be an incentive to choose life if you have a new option. Called two-year foster care, it would act as an incentive to many parents to straighten out their lives, if they knew that in two years or less, they could raise their babies. THey’d get regular visiting rights so both can bond with each other. The child wouldn’t be available for adoption during those two years. Though not ideal, we should rather see this as an option. Especially in the face of an abortion ban.

Best thing of all is prevention of unwanted pregnancies? How? I’m sure many are thinking about contraceptives. THere are no easy answers to this one. But our first choice should be to educate children and teens about making wise sexual choices. Contraceptives don’t protect against all unwanted pregnancies. And certainly not against sexually transmitted diseases.

Press 4 Better Alternatives 2 Abortion 2017!
Sound Off 2 the New Congress

We have a new Congress. We have an opportunity. Many of them claim to be prolife. We need to hold them accountable to keep their promises to do more to protect their unborn constituents. Their future voters. Someday, one of them may be our President. In any case, all their lives are sacred. So let’s sound off to Congress, using software that sends emails to them. I earnestly request that each prolife reader of this post click the image below and fill out the form. Then I urge you to share it. What is more important than defending human life?

Press 4 Better Alternatives 2 Abortion 2017!

The above photo is courtesy of Mary’s Pregnancy Resource Center.

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