Pro-Life Healthcare N Whole-Life?

Pro-life Healthcare? N Whole-Life?

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Pro-life Healthcare? N Whole-Life?

Pro-life Healthcare? N whole-life?
Yes, we need to defund Planned Parenthood
But on the backs of
Our senior citizens?
People with disabilities?
Low-income families?
Those with chronic conditions like cancer?
And yes, pregnant woman?
How life-affirming is the proposed bill?
Let’s talk about it!

Pro-Life Healthcare? N Whole-life?
The Reality

Is this pro-life healthcare? And is it whole-life? We all know that a hyper-partisan debate is now brewing. Our politicians are debating an issue that affects all of us. Republicans. Democrats. Independents. Unborn. Born. Rich. Poor. Men. Women. Children. All of us! I’m talking about healthcare. At some point, every single one of us will get sick. No exceptions. Many of us will face serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. We don’t like to face this dire fact. (I know I don’t as I’m putting off doctor’s appointments!) But it is true. All of us will get sick at some point.

Pro-Life Healthcare? N Whole-Life?

What is pro-life? To far, far too many of us, the word is the same as anti-abortion. And as long as the word is seen through this lense, we will continue to have “the abortion wars.” Planned Parenthood will never be defunded.
And the reason? Women see it as their primary healthcare provider and safety net. So how about using less loaded terms like whole-life or life-affirming? Both words span the whole life of the human being. Conception all the way to death. Pro-life should mean the same thing but the word is seen through a hyper-partisan lens.

Pro-Life Healthcare? N Whole Life?
Yes, Defund Planned Parenthood

I know that most in the pro-life movement probably support the American Healthcare Act (AHA). This is the controversial bill that is the subject of this post. And I know that it contains a provision to defund Planned Parenthood. For at least one year. And I know that the AHA removes the mandate that would require businesses to pay for birth control for women. I get it that thee provisions are why most in the pro-life movement approve of this bill. And I agree with these portions of the AHA. These are life affirming measures which no reasonable person, in a perfect world, would argue with.

Pro-Life Healthcare? N Whole-Life?
But What About the REst?

We do not live in a perfect world. And this is why we have these. Low-income families. Low-income women. Including pregnant ones. People of all ages facing serious or chronic illness. People with disabilities. People in nursing homes. Low-income senior citizens. And the AHA, which the pro-life movement have embraced as life-affirming, threatens to hurt or harm those mentioned above. The AHA threatens to do this by proposing cuts to Medicaid which so many of these individuals use just to survive. I ask all of us: How can we approve of the AHA as being life-affirming or whole-life? Can we do that if the AHA would hurt or harm vulnerable people whose lives are also sacred?

Pro-Life Healthcare? N Whole-Life?

I was heartbroken to see the TV footage of Capitol Police’s actions against protesters with disabilities. These individuals had arrived in wheelchairs, crutches or with other assistive devices. It sickened me to see the Capitol Hill Police haul these people out of the Congressional building. Now I can fully understand these cops taking this action in the case of violent attackers, like the one responsible for the Congressional shooting two weeks ago. But these disabled protesters just wanted to be heard. They were not attacking anyone. And I must ask: Where were pro-life voices on this incident? Where was the outrage? Am I missing something here?

Pro-Life Healthcare? N Whole-Life?
Marginalized Pro-Life Democrats

In my inbox, a prominent pro-life publication sent me a list of their articles. Apparently, there is pro-life outrage even at pro-life Democrats. The accusation is they seem to want to keep Planned Parenthood (PP) going. Want to keep federal funds going. The publication prefaced their message with “I’ve Had Enough!” And among their points for outrage was that “so-called pro-life Democrats” favor PP funding. And yet I pro-lifers express no outrage at how the AHA marginalizes many born vulnerable people. As long as it has anti-abortion provisions, it is okay to marginalize other vulnerable lives?

How life-affirming is legislation that undermines the health and well-being of so many vulnerable citizens?

Pro-Life Healthcare? N Whole-Life?
Beyond Defunding Planned Parenthood

Pro-lifers have insinuated that I’m not “100 % pro-life.” This hurts and angers me. I know that they tend to treat those who are pro-life Democrats, as not being really pro-life. I understand that some of them may have “rape or incest exceptions.” This is not me. And I get it that some of them call themselves “personally pro-life.” But they want to keep Planned Parenthood funded and/or abortion legal. This is not me. Again, I fear that today’s atmosphere has grown so partisan and divisive that we can’t even be civil in the pro-life community anymore. This is affected this healthcare debate. It is the same reason that abortion keeps killing babies even as we keep trying to end it.

We can’t end abortion by allowing ugly partisanship to affect us. Nor will seeing meaningful healthcare reform by seeing things through our partisan filters. Abortion will never end without both major political parties working together to end it. And it is for the same reason that no major healthcare reform will pass unless both parties work together.

There is something we can all get into. And it does not need any political involvement. Click here and learn how to help those facing crisis pregnancies.

Find a local pregnancy resource center in your area. Click here to locate a local canter.

I know that many of you in the pro-life movement don’t like or trust CNN. BUt they provide the actual text of the GOP healthcare bill. Click here to read it.

This is an article about the sixty protesters against the American Healthcare Act. Click here to read the article.

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