Prolife Advocacy

Prolife Advocacy

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Prolife advocacy. What kind?
Sign important prolife petitions. Appeal to Congress to ban abortion AND strengthen alternatives.

Prolife Advocacy
Why We Need to Speak Out

We need to be do prolife advocacy. When people don’t have a voice, they need others to speak up for them. These voiceless individuals need us to appeal to the powerful. Who is more voiceless than anyone else? The unborn! What can those growing in someone’s body do for themselves? They totally depend on their moms for survival. Their moms depend on us to make abortion alternatives more appealing. Their dads and families count on us to realize that their roles are important and support them.
THe unborn need us all the more because society either doesn’t acknowledge their humanity or rights. They rely on us to advocate for them with this culture.

Prolife Advocacy
Ways to Speak Out

There are many ways to advocate for the unborn. In many ways we can help women and men in crisis. Got resources, time, and a fexible schedule? Consider prolife public speaking at local churches and schools. Travel to speak to anyone who will listen! Go in person to meet with Members of Congress. Do it at the local, state or federal levels. Advocate on behalf of the voiceless pre-born. Much is expected from those to whom much is given. Donating to or referring others to pregnancy resource centers (PRCs)? Great ways to speak out! Raise awareness about PRCs to the public! Consider getting into journalism. The media are powerful. They heavily influence public opinion. Learn about abortion-related laws in your state or country. Sign petitions. Create them for needs not being addressed.

Prolife Advocacy
100% Prolife Petition

I’ve started a 100% prolife petition. It’s running on multiple patforms. Find it on and ThePetitionSite. See this petition on Causes and on Petition2Congress also hosts this petition. This campaign calls for several things. It advocates for a ban on abortion. Banning it can be done in two ways. Overturn Roe vs. Wade or pass the Life at Conception Act. This petition calls on Congress to fund the estimated 17,000 public health clinics in the U.S.. The campaign suggests new legislation offering two-year foster care to replace abortion. Most facing unplanned pregnancies don’t have that as an option. Poor families and single parents should be offered subsidies. This campaign suggests this.

This petition sounds ambitious. It is. But we need to attempt these steps and never give up. No matter how long it takes. We owe it to unborn babies and to their families in crisis.

Click here to sign this 100% pro-life petition on Causes.

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