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Causes prolife petition.
Here is a chance to make a case for the unborn on Causes.

Causes Prolife Petition
Actual Text

This petition makes a case for banning abortion. The campaign argues for strengthening alternatives. THese are the only ways to do it. Making abortion illegal won’t suffice. We must tell Congress to tweak or change laws to make it unthinkable. Read the text below. Sources can’t be shown in a copy/paste but only at the webpage. This is the text:

To the U.S. President, The U.S. House of Representative, The U.S. Senate

We call on you to help end abortion and make changes in the law that will make adoption and low-income and single parenting more attractive to those facing unplanned pregnancies. We know that this will not be easy and will require hard work and planning and patience. It will require sacrifice, strength, wisdom and courage from us as a society. You can help us create an abortion-free society by doing the following:

1). Overturn Roe vs. Wade or pass the Life at Conception Act.
2). Defund Planned Parenthood
3). Fund the estimated 13,000 community health clinics.
4). Create a two-year foster care option for those facing unplanned pregnancies.
5). Strengthen existing adoption laws; increase subsidies for qualified
adoptive parents.

No one wants abortions. Many of us think they must remain available to those facing unplanned pregnancies. Many believe that aborting “unwanted pregnancies” will solve social ills. But evidence suggests otherwise. We’re as broken, troubled and dysfunctional as families and as a society, as ever. Abortion hurts women emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically. Abortion kills babies and deprives them of their most basic right just to live and be born. Abortion should be a human rights issue, not a political issue. Get basic abortion facts here. Do women “need” Planned Parenthood? We know that many people believe that Planned Parenthood is a safety net for low-income and disadvantaged women. Yet there are alternatives to abortion that serve women and families, where comprehensive health care is provided. Learn about alternatives to Planned Parenthood. We can make a difference. We can and should do all we can as individuals and as a society, to help end abortion, protect the unborn and make killing them unthinkable. Abortion doesn’t solve anyone’s problems. It isn’t health care.

Learn about all the damage abortion causes.
(Information linked at petition homepage)

Causes Prolife Petition
My Appeal to You

This campaign deserves your support. Support constitutes not just your signature. Of course every signature counts. Every name makes a huge difference. Members of Congress won’t be motivated to make changes unless pressured. In many cases, it takes grassroots efforts to induce the to act. The same principle applies to restoring to the unborn the right to live. It applies to strengthening abortions so that denying them this right is unthinkable. Few of you have signed the petition on Causes (not your fault!) So click the button below to sign IF you use Causes. If you don’t I don’t expect you to install the app just to sign unless you want to. Show support by signing the petition on other platforms. Circulate them. Outside the US? While Congress prefer to hear from US citizens, it doesn’t hurt to sign if you use Causes. Thank you for any support you give!

Causes Prolife Petition

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