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Actual Text of This Petition

This is about the 100% pro-life petition on This campaign also calls for Congress to strengthen its alternatives. Below is the actual text as it appears on the webpage the petition is hosted on. Here it is:

Since 1973, abortion has been legal. It has been named a choice, a reproductive right and health care It is now seen as an essential service and right for women. An entire generation has grown up with abortion being legal. Get the facts here. Abortion is often seen as a solution to a wide variety of social ills as well as to personal problems. Yet abundant evidence suggests otherwise. Abortion has only aggravated both our social and personal illes. This is because abortion is the taking of innocent unborn human life. We can’t heal ourself as a society by killing our children. We can’t heal ourselves by killing our babies. Visit this website to see all the damage that abortion does. The objection that will come up is that women need Planned Parenthood. This is not true! It need not be true. We can end abortion without denying any woman any of the health care she needs. Get the facts here.
Here are the steps to doing this:
1). Overturn Roe vs. Wade
2). Strip Planned Parenthood of government funds
3). Re-direct government funds to the estimated 13,000 comprehensive health clinics that serve women and families.
4). Legislate temporary foster care for those facing unplanned pregnancies to las no more than two years–as an alternative to abortion.
5). Strengthen existing adoption laws and increase adoption subsidies for qualified adoptive paents.

To the U.S. President, the U.S. House of Representatives, the Speaker of the House, the U.S. Senate and to the U.S. Vice President:

Thousands of unborn children are killed daily. These abortions are done in the name of choice, in the name of bodily autonomy, even in the name of compassionate health care. But we can’t prosper as a society when we kill our babies before they are born. We can’t can’t prosper as families on the backs of pre-born babies. Thanks to the legalization of abortion, all our lives have become cheapened. So we call for you to work together to take steps to ban abortion and protect all unborn human lives.

1). Overturn Roe vs. Wade
2). Strip Planned Parenthood of government funds.
3) Re-direct funds to the estimated 13,000 community health clinics.
4). Legislate a temporary foster care option for those facing unplanned pregnancies, to last no more than two years.
5). Strengthen adoption laws and increase subsidies for qualified adoptive parents.

We know that banning abortion and protecting the unborn will take much hard work from you as well as sacrifice and commitment from all of us as a society. But in protecting the most vulnerable among us, we uphold all of our lives.
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My Appeal to You

Please support this campaign. This petition needs to keep growing. You can read the tect above; it tells you what this is all about. If you’ve already signed, you can still click the button below to tweet this petition and share it with like-minded friends. It’s one thing to add your own name; it’s another to circulate this so others can sign it. Outside the US? Though US politicans prefer to hear from US citizens, your signature doesn’t hurt. If you can’t sign, you can still share this petition with others and show your support that way.

Thank you for your support! Prolife Petition

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