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We’re able to advocate for babies and their families at this platform. Call for the U.S. government to tweak or change laws to end abortion. Tell them to uphold and strengthen laws to expand alternatives and make them more appealing. Petition
Actual Text of This Petition

You can tell much about this petition by its actual text. So read it and judge its merits for yourself. This prolife petition gives us a good way to advocate. Here is its text:

Abortion has been legal for over 40 years. We’ve come to believe that women need abortion and that it’ll help allieviate our social ills. We’re even told that having abortions will prevent more abortions! But abortion kills countless human beings before they’re born Read more.( ). What does abortion do for women, anyway? What does it do for others who participate in it?Technically it may free those facing unplanned or unwanted pregnancies, but emotionally and spiritually it does not. In fact, whole nonprofits are devoted to helping people recover emotionally and spiritually from abortion! The Elliot Institute is one example. They have an educational website: ( Science alone idicates that life begins at conception. The proof that it does is that so many “un-religious” people are vocal advocates for the right of the unborn to live. Yes, if we ban abortion access, we must replace such “services” with abortion alternatives. Such alternatives exist, but they can be strengthened. More can even be created. Two year, temporary foster care is one option. It’s not an ideal option, but it’s far better than abortion! Through giving an incentive to those facing unplanned pregnancies, more babies can be saved. Adoption laws should be strengthened. Funds should be taken from Planned Parenthood and moved to the estimated 13,000 community health clinics that serve women and families. Defunding Planned Parenthood wouldn’t deprive women of health care. Read more: (…). We can live without abortion, but only if we spread the word about abortion alternatives! And legislation can makes these alternatives even more attractive!

Petition to: U.S. President – U.S. House of Representatives – House Speaker – U.S. Senate – U.S. Vice President
Ban All Abortion, Protect All Unborn Human Life!

We call on you to help end abortion and make changes in the law that will make adoption and low-income and single parenting more attractive to those facing unplanned pregnancies. We know that this will not be easy and will require hard work and planning and patience. It will require sacrifice, strength, wisdom and courage from us as a society. You can help us create an abortion-free society by doing the following:

1). Overturn Roe vs. Wade
2). Defund Planned Parenthood
3). Fund the estimated 13,000 community health clinics.
4). Create a two-year foster care option for those facing unplanned pregnancies.
5). Strengthen existing adoption laws; increase subsidies for qualified
adoptive parents. Prolife Petition
My Appeal to You

This prolife petition deserves our support. Babies and families facing unplanned pregnancies need our voices. Not all of us can appear before Congress in person. Many of us can’t travel and speak to schools and local churches. Not all of us can pray or advocate at a local Planned Parenthood clinic. But we can start, sign or circulate prolife petitions. They may not make a difference overnight. Over time some may make a huge difference. This petition isn’t easily sharable. I’ve just contacted the site owner, appealing to them to fix this. It would certainly be helpful. You can copy/paste the link in the bar. You can share it with my shortlink: Because of this, few people have signed. Even if you live outside the US you can use the shortlink to share via most social networks.

Thank you for your support! Prolife Petition

Click here to sign the 100% pro-life petition on Petition2Congress.

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