Petition2Congress Prolife Petition

Petition2Congress Prolife Petition

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Petition2Congress prolife Petition.
This is my 100% prolife petition that runs on this platform.

Petition2Congress Prolife Petition
Actual Text of Petition

Petition2Congress is a platform that I newly discovered. Here is the actual, brief text to the U.S. Congress:

Hello, U.S. House Speaker, U.S. Vice President, Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and Members of the U.S. Senate:

We know that abortion kills an estimated 3500 babies daily. We know that many frame this issue as a “reproductive right” and the “right to choose.” We agree that women have these rights. But in every pregnancy, at least one more life is involved. The pre-born child. We know that many women face difficult, unplanned or crisis pregnancies. But we don’t need abortion as a solution. We need stronger alternatives and more of them. We ask you to:

1). Overturn Roe vs. Wade or pass the Life At Conception Act.
2). Defund Planned Parenthood. Release federal funds to the estimated 17,000 community health clinics.
3). Strengthen existing adoption laws. Especially, increase subsidies for qualified adoptive parents.
4). Introduce two-year foster care as an option for those who want children “but not now.” This would give those facing unplanned pregnancies more options! It would save babies and moms from abortion.
5). Offer subsidies for low-income parents, especially low-income single parents.

We know that these steps will take time, work and sacrifice. But if we want to save moms and babies from the evil of abortion, it is worth it!

Thank you for your co-operation in this serious matter!

Petition2Congress Prolife Petition
My Appeal to You

Please support this petition. Petition2Congress doesn’t just let you sign petitions. This platform includes attached, pre-written letters. Send these letters to your Member of Congress. Your signature, comments, and letter will reach them. Petition2Congress sends these to Congress. Our elected officials need our pressure and multiple voices! Only in this way will they get the message that we don’t want abortions. We want and need alternatives! It’s lots easier for them to preserve the status quo. But look where that keeps us! Tell them that we’re fed up with over 3500 of us being killed daily because of “a safe, legal procedure.” Sign for the babies who deserve to live. Do it for their moms, dads and families who need alternatives.

Thank you.

Petition2Congress Prolife Petition

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