Prolife Petition Needs 89 Signatures!

Pro-Life Petition Needs 89 Signatures!Handmade Baby Welcome Banner

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Pro-Life Petition Needs 89 Signatures!

A pro-life petition needs 89 signatures to reach 200!

What is this campaign all about?

Reforms in prenatal testing need to be done. Save babies with poor prenatal diagnoses!

Pro-Life Petition Needs 89 Signatures!
Why Situation of Prenatal Testing

Prenatal testing has ethical implications. Doctors widely offer these tests to pregnant parents. Especially to older moms. Moms with disabilities. Moms carrying babies with a poor prenatal diagnosis. Anyone with a pregnancy classified as “high-risk.” Tests done on the pregnant woman can be legitimate. When doctors do tests to assess the health of mom or baby, this is right. As long as this is to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. Tests done to measure fetal growth are legitimate. Many tests are done, however, to satisfy the curiosity of parents who want to know if a baby will have a birth defect or not. Such tests are done with the notion to abort a baby with a a bad prenatal diagnosis (dx). Moms in the categories I mentioned, are more likely to carry babies with a poor dx. And this opens the door to many abortions. Doctors are unlikely to point parents to alternatives. My experience and research, tell me this.

Pro-Life Petition Needs 89 Signatures!
Campaign 2 Make This Happen

A petition campaign was just re-opened. This petition calls on Congress and the President to make legal requirements of doctors. And other health professionals involved in prenatal testing. Congress and the President should require these professionals to educate parents about alternatives to abortion. They need to tell these parents about the supports available to families of loved ones with special needs. To do this, doctors need to be familiar with such resources. Then, doctors need to gradually phase out what I call “designer testing.” This is prenatal testing done simply to satisfy adult curiosity about bad genes. Some parents have legitimate concerns about passing on genetic conditions. But health professionals need to stress the support and options available to any parent of a child with special needs.

I urge you to click the button below, and sign this crucial petition.

Pro-life Petition Needs 89 Signatures!

The above photo is courtesy of Human Coalition.

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