Responding 2 Eugenics Tweet

Responding 2 Eugenics Tweet

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Responding 2 Eugenics Tweet

Responding 2 Eugenics Tweet

Responding 2 Eugenics Tweet
The Tweet in Question

I’m responding 2 eugenics tweet. One day, I saw a an embedded tweet. I watched as it streamed on my Facebook Timeline. The Tweet read: “Genetic testing should screen out those potential parents who will have autistic children with costly life limiting disabilities…rather than abort abstain…get some tests done.” What? Have we “progressed” to the point that we want to eliminate potential parents of those who a poor prenatal diagnosis? And what is eugenics? If you aren’t aware of what eugenics is, here it is: This word refers to getting rid of those seen as undesirable. Less than. Other. Through genetic testing.

Responding 2 Eugenics Tweet
New “Frontier” 4 Genetic Elimination?

Down’s Syndrome has been the obvious target for the eugenics movement. For awhile, they have been trying to use prenatal testing to wipe out this population. And, over and over, those with Down’s Syndrome often have bright futures. Those blessed with families of means, have started businesses. More and more of them go to high school proms. More and more students with Down’s Syndrome are being integrated into general education. And some of them go to college. And they can get married. This diagnosis need not mean the end of the world. Going to hell and back. Sadly, though, the abortion rate is an estimated 90 percent for unborn babies with the prenatal diagnosis of Down’s Syndrome.

Now this deplorable campaign is extending to autism. Autism is a neurobiological disorder. It affects the wiring of the brain. Autism affects how a person sees the word. Views others. Relates to them. Perceives herself. And learns. Often, it affects behavior and functioning. There are many different forms of this condition. Here is a saying: “If you have seen one person with autism, you have seen one person with autism.” And it isn’t a disease in need of a cure. Unlike cancer, diabetes and others. Autistic people function at all different levels. High-functioning. Medium-functioning. Low-functioning. They can have all different ranges of intelligence. From mentally disabled to genius level intelligence.

Responding 2 Eugenics Tweet
Eliminating Autism?
Trying to get rid of autism isn’t new. Viewing it as a disease has been around for a long time. The nonprofit Autism Speaks, had built their vision around banishing autism. Adults with suspected or diagnosed autism despise this organization. Autism is still a sigma. That’s still true even in this age where it is seen as a spectrum. We naturally want to get rid of life-threatening diseases like cancer and diabetes. These put people’s lives in danger. But, even then, people don’t identify themselves with these conditions. With autism, it’s different. Many autistic people see themselves as “autistic people. And they often build subcultures of their own. This is much like deaf people who use Sign Language.

And when groups try to eliminate autism? Autistic people, especially adults, see this as trying to get rid of them. And Autism Speaks isn’t the only well-meaning group or nonprofit that use the disease model of “elimination. There has been another nonprofit called Autism One, Defeat Autism!, and others. I’m not impugning these nonprofits or anyone connected with them. They mean well. Most of truly want to help autistic people. But studies say is no evidence that vaccines cause autism. I know that some in the pro-life movement believe this. And I don’t want to offend this who oppose vaccines. You are entitled to your beliefs. But, please, don’t treat autistic people like “diseases.”

Responding 2 Eugenics Tweet
My Experience

I have experience with autism. In a sense, it is lifelong experience. My own biological dad, now dead, is suspected of having had undiagnosed autism. He was never able of holding a job. Mom reports that he was promoted twice in school. He had an extremely high I.Q. She also says: “He led me a dog’s life. He was hard to get along with. And he hated it when people told him things.” He was excellent in bowling and won countless trophies. Myself, I my life, from the beginning, took twists and turns that suggested undiagnosed autism. I had labels like “emotionally disturbed” and later, “behaviorally disordered.” I despised these wastebasket labels. I was often a bullying target. I entered adulthood with my share of emotional baggage.

Fat-forward to adulthood. My daughter was born over 17 years ago. At age three, she was diagnosed with autism because she didn’t reach all her milestones on time. But she was mainstreamed. Never has she caused any trouble in her classes. Nor was she ever sent to the principle’s office. Her teachers have always loved her. Because of this, I sought an official diagnosis of autism, to explain my life. Three years ago, I got something of a diagnosis. A form of autism, like my daughter’s. And today? She is a high-school Junior and has a prom coming up in days. We are all proud of her!

Responding 2 Eugenics Tweet
Autism N Sanctity of Life

What does this have to do with the sanctity of life? Everything! We who live with autism have lives that are seen as less valuable. And now they want to get rid of those who can have autistic children? Deny us the right to reproduce? Listen, folks: People with disabilities have lives that are worthy of living. I can’t understand all those people who want to abort those with a bad prenatal diagnosis. They claim: “because their lives wouldn’t be worth living.” Yes, I know the the Twitter user said not to abort. But just to get tested “just in case.” Eugenics may seem better than abortion. But it’s not! Its deplorable goal is to eradicate all those who are seen as “less than.” And without it abortion and euthanasia would not exist.

Please take the time to sign two pro-life petitions by visiting the links below. Thank you in advance!

Sign petition to reform prenatal testing, please.

Sign petition to make autism services affordable, please.

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