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Do you have a pro-life story to share? Is there something you want to say? Do you want to write an opinion piece on a life issue? Want to share a pro-life news story? Have you faced an unplanned pregnancy? Have you experienced or participated in abortion? Have you grown up disadvantaged because your mom didn’t have the supports she needed to raise you comfortably? Have you survived prenatal trauma? Have you adopted children? Are you active in prolife activity? You’re welcome to share here!

1). Try to make your post up to 800 words (about one page). You may want to work on a rough draft on Word. You may want to draft it on your own site. Then you can copy/paste your final draft here.

2). Avoid profanity and be respectful.

2). Try to use your own images. If you use others, make sure you have permission. Then give the author credit. I can get in trouble if infringed material is found on this site.

3). Include a brief author bio. You can share up to three links. In turn, consider linking to this site. You can visit my Link 2 Us Options page for linking options.

4). Men, you may stories here also! I welcome your prolife story here regardless of your political affiliation or religious beliefs. You don’t have to be a “conservative religious right” prolife person to share your prolife story here!

5). I may do light editing of your post. I may correct spelling and grammar errors. I won’t change your content in any way. Just mechanics.

6). I’ll get back with you and let you know if your post is approved. That’s assuming that you share your name. I’ll share it with you first. For this to happen, I’ll need your email address. You can email me your email address at Never fear, your address will remain private! I cannot communicate with you without an email address. You can share it after your post. Don’t worry; it’ll only appear on my dashboard and will remain private. If you choose to remain anonymous which is acceptable, then I’ll just publish your post if approved.

6). Original submissions are preferred but if your post was published on your own blog, I may accept it.

Looking forward to hearing your stories!

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