Some Lives Matter? Some Lives Sacred?

Mental Illness N All Lives Sacred

Bible verse of the day

Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat; neither for the body, what ye shall put on. The life is more than meat, and the body is more than raiment.
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Some Lives Sacred? All

Do some lives matter? Are some lives sacred?
We believe every life is intrinsically valuable, yes
But some lives even more so?
The young;
The talented;
The wealthy and affluent;
The mentally and physically healthy;
The athletic and strong;
The physically attractive N handsome;
The respectable and popular;
These matter. These are sacred.
The aging;
Those with disabilities;
The ailing and chronically ill;
The poor and low-income;
The unattractive and plain;
The troubled and those with mental illnesses;
The disreputable and despised;
The unborn;
Do they matter? Are their lives sacred?

Some Lives Matter? Some Lives Sacred?
Nothing Equal

Do some lives matter? Are some lives sacred? We all give lip service to the concept of equality for all. The U.S. Constitution talks about the the right of “all to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” and that “All are created equal.” Years ago, one person posted the “All people are created equal” quote. In the comments, another person commented, “Too bad they don’t stay that way.” We can’t know what was in this person’s mind when this was posted. But if the person meant in terms of equality of treatment by society, the point is well-taken. At least in my book.

Some Lives Matter? Some Lives Sacred?
The Charlie Gard Case

This is the high-profile case of a terminally ill baby in the United Kingdom. Little Charlie is at the center of a controversy about whether to remove his life support or let him have an experimental treatment in the U.S. In this case, many see his life as somehow less valuable because “after all, he is going to die anyway.” I doubt that such thoughts are conscious. But isn’t such thinking at the heart of the entire “death with dignity” movement? Since they “will die anyway,” why not just help it along? Why should anyone or the people around them have to suffer?

Some Lives Matter? Some Lives Sacred?

What is the problem with this type of thinking? First, doctors can be wrong. Just because medical professionals don’t give a good prognosis doesn’t mean it’s over. Nothing is final until it’s final. I know that people will say that they don’t want to be on life support and die of long, lingering illnesses. But by preserving life, as I understand it, we don’t mean we have to keep a person on life support. You can remove a person’s life support with no intent to kill her. You just know that soon she will die and you will do all you can to keep her comfortable in her last days.

A Facebook user made a post that she asked us to share far and wide.

Please repost this!!! These doctors are evil in my opinion, all children have the right to live and if there is an…

Posted by Patricia Toevs on Saturday, July 22, 2017

Some Lives Matter? Some Lives Sacred?
Abortion Debate

Oh, the debate rages on. And it has played a huge role in our toxic political atmosphere. But how can we make anyone’s life a matter of politics? It is revolting but in fact, life has become intensely political. You can’t even bring up the word abortion without potential partisan rancor. Even pregnancy resource centers try to avoid the word when advertising their services to pregnant women in distress. Normally, on their websites, they normally mention that they don’t give abortions only in fine print. But, in some states, centers are being pressured to refer their clients for abortions upon request.

Some Lives Matter? Some Lives Sacred?
Do They Want Abortions?

It is widely assumed that women “want” abortions in especially difficult situations. And even if carrying to term is okay with them, they “should want” that abortion. This holds true especially in cases of poor prenatal diagnoses. And it holds true in the cases or rape and incest. And what will change the hearts of people? What will get more people with genetic conditions or rape/incest conceptions to “come out of the closet”? We have some of such people who are active in the pro-life movement. While I applaud their activism, their contributions are too linked to politics. What we need are grassroots efforts.

Some Lives Matter? Some Lives Sacred?
Stand Up N Be Counted

Yes, we need pro-life activists who have genetic conditions or rape/incest conceptions. They serve as a voice for the rest of us. But what is also as needed are many people to “come out of the closet” about their genetic conditions or rape/incest conceptions. What is needed is for them to simply show themselves as “ordinary people” living and enjoying their lives. Then watch hearts change, across party lines. As long as abortion is a politicized “conservative right-wing issue,” hearts will not change. Nope.

Some Lives Matter? Some Lives Sacred?
Crime Case

The efforts at crime-fighting show how unequally born lives are valued. Even in missing and murdered cases! And, folks, these are life-and-death matters. When Elizabeth Smart went missing, the media kept her name and face up for those nine months she was missing. Books were written about her. When Natalee Halloway went missing, she was all over the news. Books have been written about her. A TV show was made about her. And Natalee is still missing. When Laci Peterson, a pregnant wife at her disappearance, vanished, the media covered her massively. When she was sadly found deceased, the media covered that. Books were written about her.

Some Lives Matter? Some Lives Sacred?
One Example

Years ago, Amber Dubois had been missing for over a year. During that time, the head a a prominent missing child nonprofit was reported to take a special interest in Amber. Amber’s photo would be shown more often than the other missing children or teens at the time. Why? The Director took a special interest in Amber because she was not troubled. That reason has never sat well with me, because of the sanctity of all lives issue. And, sadly, Amber was found deceased after that year. On the other hand, children or adults, classified as voluntarily missing, get little or no attention. The same goes for missing persons or victims of color. Males who are missing or victims get the least attention of all.

This is called “The Missing White Girl Syndrome” And this syndrome touches all our institutions. It proves the point that, in most cultures, some lives are not as scared or valuable as others. We can conclude this by observation of our actions if not our words. But, by our words and actions, let make these things clear.

The lives of men are as sacred as the lives of women.
The lives of the senior citizens are as sacred as the lives of children.
The life of the average drug addict is as scared as that of the President.
The life of the average parishioner is as sacred as that of a religious leader.
The life of a single person as a sacred as the life of a married person.
The lives of voters are as sacred as that of politicians.
The lives of illegal immigrants are as sacred as those of citizens.
The life of a disabled person is as sacred as that of the nondisabled.
The lives of the unborn are as scared as are those who are born.
I can go on and on. Get it?

Women’s lives matter. And so do their babies’s lives.Click here and learn more.

These are the basic facts of the Charlie Gard case. This is not written from a pro-life perspective. Click here to read the article.

SAD UPDATE: This article explains the final decision of Charlie’s parents. Click here to read the article.

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