Some Lives Sacred? Exploring Charlottesville

Some Lives Sacred? Exploring Charlottesville

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Some LIves Sacred? Exploring Charlottsville

Are some lives sacred? This is exploring Charlottesville.
Angry white men with torches
To a town that took down a Robert E Lee statue.
These angry white men with their torhces
Chant and yell” “Jews will not replace us, Jews will not replace us…”
Counter-protesters try to stop them.
Scenes as out of the Middle East, can be seen.
A vehicle plows into a group of counter-protesters
Killing one woman and injuring sixteen more.
This was not a pre-Civil Rights event.
No, this was August 2017.
I continue to see the hate on both sides.
Will it ever stop?

Some Lives Sacred? Exploring Charlottesville
What Started It All

Events on August 12, 2017, triggered what is now what is being called a “moral crisis.” On Saturday morning, August 12, 2017, our household beheld scenes that look like the Middle East. All over a Robert > Lee statue that someone took down. Livid “alt right” members and neo-Nazis weren’t about to let their history be removed. They decided to do something about it. They took with them blow torches and chanted.Counter-protesters, concerned citizens who saw racism and hate coming to their town, sought to peacefully stop it with their own protests. And below is an embedded video of what happened.


WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC CONTENTCar plows into protesters at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia More Info:

Posted by AskDrBrown on Saturday, August 12, 2017

Some Lives Sacred? Exploring Charlottesville
“Alt=Right,” N How They Think

The “Alt Right” is shortcode for the Alternative Right. White Nationalists is another word. This is an ideology espoused by our President and his “base” of core supporters. This is an ideology which propelled Trump into the White House. First of all, those who subscribe to the “alt right” worldview believe in unrestricted free speech, even for those whom they themselves deem as repulsive. And this extends to hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan. The take-down of the Robert E. Lee statue was seen as a violation of this free speech. And they also view taking down monuments, even hurtful ones, as wiping out portions of history.

Some Lives Sacred? Exploring Charlottesville
More About the “Alt Right”

Those who subscribe to the “alt right” view this increasingly diverse, multicultural society of immigrants and minorities as a threat. They fear that this evolving American culture threatens the “good old days” This is behind our President’s past campaign slogan; “Make America Great Again.” The “alt right” want to take us back to the days when women were discouraged from outside employment and their “place was in the home.” They wish to take us back to the days when Caucasians were a clear-cut numerical majority.Many see them as White Supremacists And they want to see abortion and even contraception, become illegal.

Some Lives Sacred? Exploring Charlottesville
What is Racism?

Racism is a touchy, emotionally-loaded topic. Many people think talking about race is the same as racism. Not so. Guess who talks about race and racism more than anyone? Those who are its victims. And they want the rest of us to talk about it also. What is racism? It is judging people based on the color of their skin. It refers to attitudes and behavior. All of us, no matter what our race, have what are called implicit biases. These refer to those attitudes that are instilled in us growing up.

Most of is have implicit biases. I’m sure that I have them. We have them because we may have heard our parents or guardians insult or trash other people groups. What happened in Charlottesville was people taking their implicit biases way to the extreme end. Implicit biases not reckoned with an unlearned, result in people who become neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan (KKK) sympathizers (even members), or White Supremacists.

Some Lives Sacred? Exploring Charlottesville
August 15, Trump N the Media

Our President’s response to Charlottesville has been controversial. It took some a couple of days for him to speak to the hateful acts that took place there. Trump has espoused “alt right” views throughout his campaign. He ran on them! ANd the ex-Klan leader, David Duke, commended Trump for his response! EVentually Trump had mentioned the KKK, neo-Nazis, and the White Supremacists. He deplored the terrible tragedy and horrific event (paraphrased). But he proceeded to mention that there was violence on “all sides”in the Charlottesville rally. “There was blame on all sides,” he said.

Some Lives Sacred? Exploring Charlottesville
More of The Debaucle

Trump’s response became more controversial August 15, 2017. He was holding a media conference with CNN reporters. What I saw and heard made me cringe. But, sadly, I was not surprised at our President’s exchange with these reporters. He was downright rude, insulting, and nasty. Instead of answering their questions, Trump vehemently defended his initial, controversial response. Our President declared that everyone was to blame. He even suggested that there were “fine people” among the hate groups that went to Charlottesville. And he introduced this term, the “alt left”!

I’m heartened at the bipartisan condemnation from many politicians. And I commend the CEOs and businesses which have spoken out. They have showed themselves profiles in courage. But I’m sad and angry at who has remained silent.

Some Lives Sacred? Exploring Charlottesville
Christian Connection N Those Pro-Life

I’m saddened at who has remained silent through all this. Where was the Ivanka Trump, who married a Jewish husband and who converted to Judaism herself? To be fair, I know she and her husband, were supposedly on vacation overseas. But surely they had access to to media and to the Internet. But even more depressing has been the general silence from the Christian community. The Rev. Jerry Falwell even defend the President’s response to CHarlottesville! But the has been silence from most in the “White Evangelical” Christian community. Before someone accuses me of lumping in all in this group, I identify as a “White Evangelical.”

Some Lives Sacred? EXploring CHarlottesville
Abortion and Race

Those in the pro-life community have been largely silent on the Charlottes event itself. Those who released statements, have reminded us that abortion kills many more humans than anything else. And they are technically right! But do we pro-lifers have to talk about everything as it relates to abortion and the unborn? It makes us look like we care only about “that one issue” and that everything else is secondary. Can’t we defend the unborn without making even apparently unrelated issues about ending abortion? And lest someone suggest I’m not “really pro-life,” I’m spending $$$ to maintain this pro-life site. I don’t make a penny off it.

Some Lives Sacred? Exploring Charlottesville
Call 4 Consistent Life Ethic

So how can be part of the solution? Reach out to those who feel marginalized and alienated. Former members of “hate groups” testify that they joined because they felt marginalized, alienated and they satisfied their need to belong by joining a “hate group.” This may prevent some from joining one of those groups we saw in Charlottesville. Raise our children to value all human life. Speak out against racism, abortion, and anything else that does violence to the sanctity of all human life.And reach out to those who are abortion-minded and abortion-vulnerable.

Search for your local pregnancy resource center if you want to help or need help. Search for your local pregnancy resource center.

Read a positive, life-affirming guest post,

On August 17, an article came to my attention. A Senator from my home state of Missouri briefly tweeted a wish for Trump’s death. She deleted the tweet. But it garnered outrage. The Senator is an African-American feemale.
Click here to read the article.

This is a press release about Heather Heyer vs. the “alt right.” She was the 32-year old paralegal who was murdered on August 12, at the Charlottesville, Virginia, rally. Click here to read the article.

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I'm Lisa DeSherlia, a Christian with a relationship with Christ. I'm a wife, a mom and pro-life. All lives are sacred from conception to natural death. But anyone is welcome here as long as you are willing to respect and be civil with those who disagree with you.

Readers Comments (4)

  1. Just a thought, if you are going to show opposition to a hate group, it would benefit you to show opposition to all hate groups. When it comes to Charlottesville , there were more hate groups than White Supremacists, Neo Nazis, or the KKK there. If we truly want hate to end we have to be vocal about them all!

    • Tyson Pace:

      I’m opposed to ALL hate groups, but this post focuses on the groups you referenced. These are the groups that caused troup in Charlottesville, and that’s why they are mentioned. No other hate groups were known to have been involved in Charlottesville.

      • Sad to say, you are grossly mistaken. If you do not consider Antifa and BLM hate groups, or you support these groups, than you really shouldn’t be writing articles about Racism.

        • Tyson:

          THe mission of BLM is to stress that their lives matters as much as the lives of others. That’s nt hate; that is standing up for their right to life. I’ll have to do research on the other group.


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