Syria Humanitarian Crisis N Sanctity O Life

Syria Humanitarian Crisis N Sanctity O Life

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Syria humanitarian crisis and sanctity of life?
What does Syria and its genocidal regime have to do with the sanctity of life?
This is not abortion but it is a critical life issue.

Syria Humanitarian Crisis N Sanctity O Life
Horrific, Brutal Regime

Behold Syria Humanitarian Crisis N Sanctity O Life! A week ago, it happened. A brutal massacre. And the footage shocked and outraged much of the world. Many women, men and children being brutally put to death. Helpless, tiny babies were also executed. The dictator, Bashar al-Assad, had given the order to do this act of genocide. With a chemical that had reportedly been banned. Who does these kind of things to other human beings?
Syria is a regime that has no regard for the sanctity of any human life. Born or unborn.

Syria has been committing genocide for years. Years before the mainstream media had made it public. It came with the rise of ISIS (Islamic State Iraq/Syria) years ago. ISIS had been declaring war on Christians and other religious minorities for years. Anyone who is not a radical, extremist Muslim. And most Muslims are not radical or extremist. ISIS has been beheading Christians and other religious minorities who do not agree with their strict interpretation of the Quran. Don’t agree? Then here are the options: Flee, pay a fine, or die! So, Bashar al-Assad has been killing his citizens for years. And he didn’t need chemical weapons to do it!

So how is this latest brutal attack different from the many others? In this murderous, genocidal regime?

Syria Humanitarian Crisis N Sanctity O Life
Compare Other Genocides with Abortion?

I have seen one post by a pro-lifer. It was a meme. And it went thus: “Why the outrage about thousands being gassed in Syria? Why no outrage over the babies that Planned Parenthood is dismembering?” (This is my paraphrase). With all due respect to the poster, I have a message. Should we filter all evils through the abortion lens? Must we think and react in terms of abortion when other groups experience oppression? Need we always compare the extent of their evils with the evils of abortion? Can’t we show that we stand by a consistent life ethic? Someone has called this “Oppression Olympics.”

It is horrific that over 3000 babies are killed daily in the U.S. Courtesy of “legal, safe” abortions. Always, we need to keep fighting to stop this. What do all holocausts have in common? Not just that they systematically kill certain groups of people. It’s the attitude, “They really aren’t people. Other lives count more.” “KIlling is the solution to getting rid of undesirable (fill in the blanks).” In other words, it’s a matter of murderous hearts. Hard hearts. The hearts of people must change. Whether you are talking about pro-abortion people in the West. Or dictators and their minions in regimes like Syria.

Syria Humanitarian Crisis N Sanctity O Life
Limitations of Politics

The pictures of those Syrians being gassed to death have impacted us all. If we dared to really look at them. And our government has responded. Even the President, last Thursday, ordered air strikes against Syria. He has garnered much praise over the order he issued. I’m not here to debate the merits of foreign policy. Nor am I here to debate this administration’s current policies. Policies can go only so far. No one argues that the air strikes aren’t going to change Bashar al-Assad’s heart. Even if he was stripped of power, someone else would take his place. And who would that be? Laws can only restrain hard hearts. Prevent the full expression of sin. Give incentives to avoid it. Politicians have power. But it is badly limited.

Syria Humanitarian Crisis N Sanctity O Life
What About Syrian Refugees?

It is laudable to launch air strikes against a murderous regime. It sent a message to the world that the U.S. has taken note of inhumanity. And wanted to do something about it. Much criticism has been leveled against former administrations for inaction about Syria. Our former President, Obama, had wanted to take action against Syria years ago. But Congress had refused to authorize the use of force. Syrian refugees had been trying to flee the murderous regime earlier for years. This President has issued a travel ban. And he had banned Syrian refugees from the U.S. I thought he had revised this ban. But it seems that, still, no Syrian refugees are allowed.

Where is our consistent life ethic?

Syria Humanitarian Crisis N Sanctity O Life
Jesus, the Heart-Changer

Ban, embargos, and sanctions go only so far. They do nothing to change hearts. There’s only One who can do that. I don’t want to “get religious” on you, dear reader. As this whole thing has unfolded, I wondered: Has anyone thought about praying for dictators like Bashar al-Assad? For God to change their hearts so they will love Him and others? To channel their zeal for murder into zeal to serve their citizens? To serve Him? Regimes will never change until those who lead them, have changed hearts. This is like we will end abortion only under one condition. Their hearts are charged. If we’re followers of Jesus, let’s invest time in prayer for the hearts of people to be changed.

This photo is by Mark Eslick and is licensed under a Creative Commons 2.0 Generic License.

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