T Bible Doesn’t Mention Abortion!

T Bible Doesn't Mention Abortion!

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T Bible Doesn't Mention Abortion!

But the Bible doesn’t mention abortion!
Jesus never said a word about abortion during His ministry.
Where the Bible is silent we should be silent!

T The Bible Doesn’t Mention Abortion!

The Bible doesn’t once use the word abortion. For that matter, it doesn’t mention anything about a pro-life movement. Pro-choice or pro-abortion people use this argument frequently. Try as you may, the words for prolife advocacy don’t exist in the Bible. When we want to prop up our arguments, we’ll try to use any tool at our disposal. Were abortions done in ancient days? Were children killed before birth? In those days, people saw children as gifts from God and signs of His favor. Lifespans were much shorter than today.

T Bible Doesn’t Mention Abortion!
Different Culture, Different Perspective

People they typically would have many children. They knew that not all of them would live long. In Bible days, people had children to carry on their family names and care for them in their old age. Teen years didn’t exist. At age 13 or 14, girls became women. At age 12 or 13, boys became men. This, in those times, abortion was a non-issue. Their objective was to have as many children as possible, not as as few! They had a different paradigm. We have gone through what is known as a paradigm shift.

But the Bible Doesn’t Mention Abortion!
Other Things the Bible Doesn’t Mention

The Bible is set in another culture and time. Though inspired by God, men wrote it. During that time, science and technology didn’t exist. Though people were no less intelligent than we, they knew much less. So many issues facing us didn’t exist. We face many temptations they knew nothing about. That doesn’t make us more or less evil than they. Thus, the Bible doesn’t use the word pornography. But we don’t question its evil. We feel free to call it immoral. Scripture doesn’t mention human trafficking, or sex slavery. Yet that doesn’t stop us from universally condemning it. The Bible says nothing about bullying or cyberbullying. Yet all of us freely denounce these evils.

T Bible Doesn’t Mention Abortion!
More Things The Bible Doesn’t Mention

Scripture doesn’t talk talk about hacking, trolling or impersonation. Yet all of us decry these practices. The Bible doesn’t mention the word terrorism. Yet who doesn’t soundly cry out against it? You get the idea. These things all existed in more primitive forms then. I’m sure women found ways to do abortions on themselves in those days. Yet I suspect that to be rare, as ancient culture valued children as blessings, not burdens. People viewed children as assets, not as liabilities.

T Bible Doesn’t Mention Abortion!
Jesus’ Birth

The story of Jesus’ birth proves one thing. So do verses 13-18 in Psalm 139. Abortion isn’t mentioned in any of these verses. There’s no need for that. Just a casual reading of these verses makes clear that God sees us as actual human beings long before we’re born. And Scripture doesn’t say anything different from science! Science’s findings on fetal development line up with the Bible. The story of Jesus’ Incarnation (Luke 1:26-45) shows further how God values us as human beings with potential from conception. I’ve heard one pro-abortion objection to even this story! According to this person, this just applied to Jesus and John the Baptist but not to the rest of us.

T Bible Doesn’t Mention Abortion!
Objection to Jesus/John Exception

Really? Jesus and John were truly human. Both of them entered the world as all of us have. They came as unborn children. Embryos. Their lives, like ours, began the minute they were conceived. True, one was conceived in a miraculous virgin pregnancy. The other was conceived in a supernatural postmenopausal pregnancy. Their unique conceptions made them no less or no more human than any of us. Argument debunked. Since God sees us as live human beings before birth, we can safely conclude that abortion kills a living human being. And God says, “You shall not kill.”

T Bible Doesn’t Mention Abortion!
Divine View Of Humanity

We know how God regards human beings. He values us so much that He gave us His only Son so we can saved from being lost. One of the things He detests most are “hands that shed innocent blood.” And who is more innocent and defenseless than an unborn baby? Those who support abortion or condone it, fail to realize that abortion takes an innocent life. If they do realize this, they think that killing a “fetus” is somehow not as nefarious as taking her life after she is born. But why? What is the difference between a baby in a mom’s uterus, and that same baby after she leaves mom’s birth canal?

T Bible Doesn’t Mention Abortion!

How can human life “evolve” from “nonlife” in the uterus and somehow become “life” after exiting a birth canal? Does that make any sense? Where is the logic in this? Since logic doesn’t exist, we must respond to this reality. The law fails to protect an entire group of humans. They’re being denied the basic right to live, all because of their location. They’re being denied all because of the whopping lie that abortion “serves” women and society. We can fight back. Let’s make our voices heard.

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