To A Former Fetus


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This is my note to one former fetus.
The former fetus is myself.
What were those nine months like for us? For our moms?
Here’s what I want to say to this one former unborn baby.
Dear Former Fetus:

To A Former Fetus
Circumstances of Your Conception

To a former fetus: You started life as one cell. Invisible to the naked eye. What happened at around this time? As you rested in your warm amniotic sac, your mom had learned that she was carrying you. It wasn’t in her plan. How would she tell your dad, her boyfriend? She knew that he would be mad. Indeed, when he found out, your dad was mad. He acted on his anger. Maybe he was just spilling out his frustration that life didn’t go his whay. He might have intended it as an attempt on your life. As you rested in your sac, your dad angrily kicked your mom in her abs. If he intended to perform a homemade abortion, it didn’t work. God spared your life!

To A Former Fetus
Circumstances of Your Prenatal Development

Your little body grew and grew. Your mom wasn’t happy. To a former fetus: At the time, pregnancy resources were limited. Pregnancy was a major stigma. Your mom hid her condition during her nine months. Adoption was unthinkable. Shrouded in secrecy and shame, she wanted nothing to do with it. She sought prenatal care only later in her pregnancy. Your grandparents pressured your mom to marry your dad to marry. As your mom was under great stress, you felt her stress. Forced to end her adolescence, she had to drop out of school. You kept developing until you were fully formed. But things went wrong. What?

To A Former Fetus
Circumstances of Your Birth

You struggled to be born. Your poor mom experienced terrible labor pain. “Hard labor,” she has always termed it. The events of your birth remain with her to this day. She can’t forget. You were what is called a “breech birth.” You came out feet first, not head first. Back in 1960, C=Sections weren’t available. The effects of all this, as you well know, stick with you on another level. For it has affected your emotional and learning. Bullying isn’t just a word to you. Yet you know that she didn’t have the resources she needed for you and her to thrive. She did the best she could with what she had.

To A Former Fetus
Lessons Learned

This brings us to where we are today. Your life was protected by law. Abortion wasn’t available to your mom or dad. You can safely assume you wouldn’t be writing this if abortion was legal then. Many around you are here only because abortion wasn’t legal when they were pre-born. But your peers don’t have that protection. So,in gratitude for what you were spared, you must fight on for your peers. Stay relentless until every one of them until the aw protects them. At the same time, be just as untiring in advocating for people like your mom to have stronger alternatives available to them.

Call for other unborn lives to be spared!

Sign an abortion ban/improved alternatives petition. You can send your letters directly to Congress!

To A Former Fetus

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