Words 4 New President Donald Trump

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Open Letter 2 New President Donald Trump

Here are words 4 new President Donald Trump

Words 4 New President Donald Trump
A Controversial March

You have been our new President for only days. I still am stunned that you actually made it to the White House. I didn’t think you would be nominated. Most other people didn’t, either. You proved all us us wrong. I have never watched a Presidential campaign so closely. I fought to bock your nomination. I campaigned for your defeat in the general election. Nor did I vote for your opponent, Hillary, either. But now that you are my President, I’ll give you the honor and prayers that God has commanded me to give you. As I would have done for Hillary Clinton. I’m not clear about what you thought about the sea of humanity outside your doors. They merely represented a few of the millions protesting. Protesting your Presidency. Crying out against your policies. Expressing fear about what your policies may do to them.

As I write this, you have issued multiple executive orders. I commend your move to defund Planned Parenthood International. I’m rather disappointed that you couldn’t or wouldn’t re-allocate those funds to alternatives. I commend you for banning lobbying for five fears, for Cabinet members. I’m quite upset with some of your other actions. Your executive order to temporarily ban refugees from seven countries, upsets many of us Americans!
Then you take another step. Out of the blue, we learn that you fired the acting Attorney General, Sally Yates. Because she went against your executive order. You fire another acting Cabinet member. I know you believe you did right in firing Yates. Principles drove her. What happened to the right to dissent? Many people feel that you’re acting more like a dictator than a President. Are you?

Words 4 New President Donald Trump

Many people truly feel concern about your Presidency. Many of them fear being separated from loved ones. Because of deportation policies you ran on when you campaigned. Many are afraid that their rights won’t be protected. Because of your rhetoric and appearance of insensitivity to them. Many women are angry because they view you as their enemy. Because of things you said, and done. THings that made them feel demeaned. That’s why so many of them are marching. And, yes, most seem to be marching because of what they believe to be their essential rights. Abortion rights. (We’ll get into this later).

Many others are cheering. Your supporters. Some cheer because they think you will bring their manufacturing jobs back. Many are relieved because of judges you will appoint. Judges who will uphold their values. Christians rejoice that you won. Because they believe you are “God’s man of the hour.” Everyone has a strong opinion about you, whether they like you or not. Many friendships have ended over you. Lifelong friendships. Family members won’t talk to each other. Because of you. Myself, I have been banned from Facebook groups. People have posted nasty comments on my blogs. Over you. Mr. President, you are one mortal human being. How can you stir up so much an outcry?

Words 4 New President Donald Trump
I Agree with You…

I agree with you on some matters. You state that you are pro-life and want to defund Planned Parenthood. You Are fine with appointing Supreme Court Justices who would fight to overturn Roe. vs. Wade. I strongly agree with you on these core issues. I plan to hold you accountable for giving legal protection to the unborn. Also, I’m going to hold you responsible for making laws to make alternatives more attractive to those facing unplanned pregnancies. Consider adding a new, life-affirming alternative. Make two-year foster care an option for those “who want a child but not now.”

Existing alternatives can be enhanced. Make them more attractive to those facing crisis pregnancies! Increase subsidies for qualified adoptive parents. Give paid leave to new moms and new dads. Don’t simply defund Planned Parenthood. Move the $$$ to the estimated 13,000 community health clinics. Speak of these matters in future speeches. Ending abortion isn’t just about saving babies. You need to enact policies showing love for their moms. Make this one message clear. Let your actions state: I desire to support moms as much as I want to save their babies. If you don’t make that clear? You’ll never reach these women who are protesting against your policies.
Believe me, it’ll never happen!

This evening, you have nominated a pro-life justice. Reporters tell us that he is. I saw you get on TV and announce your pick for the Supreme Court. I can’t say that I agree with some of this man’s views. As reported. But, as President, you technically have the right to your selection.

Words 4 New President Donald Trump
I Don’t Agree with You…

I don’t agree with you on some matters. Gut the Affordable Care Act(ACA) without a clear plan to replace it? I’m tired of your talk about replacing the ACA. What replacement? The House Speaker said that he had posted a replacement plan on his website. I visited, but I failed to find any details. Can you blame the fears of people “getting their legs cut out from under” them? Many people depend on the ACA just to survive. I agree with you that the ACA is flawed. And that no one should be forced to go against his or her conscience. No one should have to do procedures or provide technologies that are morally unacceptable. I have mixed feelings about that individual mandate.

We still need to know about the Obamacare replacement. What is it? What’s needed is a replacement that will keep the the many good things in the ACA, while removing the bad. But can that all be realistically done? I confess my disappointment with many of your Cabinet nominations. You promised to “drain the swamp.” Instead, you’re filling it up with mostly those who helped you win. I “get” loyalty. But what you’ve done smacks of the same crony capitalism you screamed against Hillary Clinton for. This sounds like hypocrisy to me. I know that it’ll be difficult to come up with a good replacement plan. But you have to try. You made that promise. And, there’s more.

Words 4 New President Donald Trump
Appealing 2 You

And so I have an appeal to you, Mr. Trump. We are the Divided States of America. We seem to get more divided by the the day. And we’re divided amongst our own. Factions exist among women. There are differences in the pro-life movement. Even in the Church, Christians are split. Largely along party lines. We keep saying, “We aren’t Republicans or Democrats. We’re Americans.” But so often, it seems to be just talk. Your slogan is “Make America great again.” I’m not clear what you mean by that. But one thing is clear. Let’s make America care again. Remember, we’re world citizens. Let’s not alienate our allies.

No country is strong which remains divided. Make America great again? This country can’t be great as long as we’re divided like this. Make America safe again? Think we can be 100% safe? Safety on the backs of split, devastated families? Make refugees return to dangerous homelands? You’re our leader now. Lead the way in uniting us. Invite that disabled reporter you mocked during your campaign, to the White House. Ask the Kahns to visit with you. Meet with Republicans who opposed you, like John Kasich. Make it clear to David Duke, that you don’t want his support. Send the same message to other White Supremacists.

Whatever your politics, I hope you’ll tell Donald Trump to keep his promise to defund Planned Parenthood.

Visit this page and sign or share this petition now!

The photo is by Gage Skidmore and is licensed under Creative Commons BY Share and Share Alike 2.0.

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